Chapter 78 - The wedding

Toshani looked out of the window, the crowd of noblemen and dignitaries below growing minute by minute. Flashes of light reflected off the jewellery worn by the women and from the elaborately decorated sword sheaths fastened to the men's sides, as the setting sun rays reflected off them.

She turned away from the window, catching sight of herself in the large mirror, her elaborately painted face staring back at her amid a sea of red satin and jewels. She was four months pregnant now.

She looked down at her wedding dress, it's elaborate folds hid her slight baby bump and the skirt flared around her ankles.

Fighting back tears she remembered how she once imagined her wedding day. She wished, her parents would be there. Her sister was alive.

The thought of her family caused her brave façade to crumble. Tears leaked from her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

"Your Grace! Oh, don't! Please don't cry!" Her lady in waiting called from across the bedr

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