Chapter 79 - Epilogue

8 years later - 

The palace courtyard was in chaos, attendants and maids were running around checking every bush and shrub.

"Did you find the princes?" One of the maids asked.

The guard who looked thoroughly harassed shook his head.

8-year-old crown prince Prahastha and 6-year-old prince Ryan were sneaking through the stables.

"Are you sure it's here?" Ryan asked.

"Yes, cousin Ishaan has told me."

" If mother finds out we'll be in trouble," Ryan said anxiously.

"She won't find out don't worry, she is busy with the baby anyway," Prahastha replied confidently.

He was tall for his age, with blond hair which shone like spun gold and amber eyes. He had sun-kissed skin, making him look like a figure carved out of gold.

My golden boy that's what Toshani called him when she wasn't being reprimanded for his various escapades.

Much to her annoyance, he had inherited her adventurous spirit. Ryan had violet eyes just

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