Chapter 79.

I and my family having dinner at the dining table as my mind trailed off to the conversation I had with Brad.

How can he expect me to fix his broken hearts while I have mine too?

It was so much to ask for.

"Is this about Lina or your neurologist?" Mum brought me back to life.


"You have been toying with your food since. Why aren't you eating?" Mum said in a mouthful food.

I looked down at the rice and plantain that was dished in front of me.

"What happened dear? Are you okay?" Dad gained my attention to him.

"Do you have your past too dad? And," I shook the meal with my spoon. "Does it still haunt you?"

"Why are you asking such questions?" Dad reached for the glass of chilled water in front of him.

"I just wanna know. Why must everyone has a past? Can't we just live a happy life without no

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