Chapter 80.

Dad moved out of his room as I was about walking out of the house to school. Our eyes on each other. His sympathy gaze caught my attention, calling for forgiveness. I still can't help to think of it, that my dad was actually responsible for my mum misfortune. 

"Hi love!" 

I nodded my head and stared at him with strong gaze. "I wouldn't want to be late for school dad. See you later."

"I know my Ai didn't care if she got late to school or not. She just wanna avoid her irresponsible father." 

The word struck my hearts. My father was never irresponsible in his duties as a father. Why didn't I got the fact that all was in the past now, and my mum was finally happy. 

"What if she is just acting like she is happy," I raised my glare at him. "Dad, I know mum said she is happy, but deep inside, what if – what if she is never happy. Dad, did you think I will forever be happy for what has b

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