Chapter 83.

  A I's P O V.

"Do you wanna talk to me about your father?" I looked back to his eyes which suddenly filled with sour. "If you wanna forget your whole past then you have to let it out."

"You are right Ai, but I don't even know what to talk to you about than to let you know the wicked of a father I have."

"His action could be of the past. Why don't you just make a good relationship with him and forget it ever happened."

The journey was a silent one with little breeze hovering the little dirt around.

"I wish I could but he is not even ready to accept his past mistakes. He never sees it as one. My mum still have yo beg my father for love. I just want him gone forever."

"Why would you say such?"

"I am already used to living without him before he came around to add more salt to the wound. I wouldn't have allowed him back in our li

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