Chapter 85.


"Yes, yes mum!"

"You realized your phone is ringing right?"

I looked up at dad to meet his gaze on me.

"Go pick up in your room if you are uncomfortable picking up in our present." Dad uttered.

"No dad! I am just – I am –" I stuttered.

That wasn't a good thing!

"Go on and come back." It sounded like a command and I just have to obey that.

"Ok!" I got to my room to switched off my phone. I threw it on the bed in anger and paced around my room.

He should have just stop calling, why does he had to call continuously. Just be positive Ai. Dad will trust you. What if he didn't?

I got back to the living room and acted like nothing was wrong. I could feel his gaze on me, but I fixed my eyes on the T .V show even though I wasn't fully concentrating.


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