Chapter 86.

"Woahhhhhhh! Babyyyyy!" Akila screamed as I walked inside the club house dazzling with different kind of disco colours to make sure her voice was heard through the music playing loudly.

"Yeahhhh!" I scurried down to her in my black heels, clad in a nude gown that exposed half of my lap. I threw my hands up as we both dance playfully to the music.

"I miss you so much baby."

We both cackled then I tug my hair dangling on my cheeks to my ear.

"I miss you too."

A welcome party was organized for the SS3 students' one month after the completion of our mock exam, looking forward to writing WAEC.

Everyone dancing away their sorrows in their different kind of sexy dress. I was never used to dressing girlish, but I have to this night, to look different at least and mum actually complimented that.

"Look who we have here. Thought you are never coming." Daniel showed u

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