Author: Kareem soliat Omolara

Chapter 01


I woke up terrified from bed in a dark room, panting heavily from the nightmare perpetually haunting me every single night. I was drenched in sweat and my whole body was trembling. I was frightened with tears unconsciously running down my cheeks.

I dug my hand into my black; full; virgin; long hair in pains, then tugged them behind my ears to wipe off my tears. I sniffed in some secs later gasping out in aid to calm down as I unraveled the shadow of curtains around the wall.

I stood up from my bed slowly and moved to the bathroom to take a shower as I pulled off my pajamas weakly, turned on the shower letting the water race over my head. I dried myself, then stepped out of the bathroom, made my way to the dressing table in my towel wrapped around my chest. I looked at myself in the mirror sitting on the chair in front of the dressing table, recollecting memories of the past, the scars, and my mistakes, reminiscing on what I've lost in such a short time. 

The happiest moments in my life couldn't be kept neither the sorrowful ones obviously, but I never seem to get over them. The memories I've made with the girls and – arggh –groaned, placed my elbow on the dressing table, and my palm on my forehead blatantly shedding tears. Even though the happiest memories in my life are not that much, they are the ones I should at least hold onto this time, but the more I held onto them, the more I get hurt. I wanted to forget my past and move on, but I kept battling with the bad experiences.

Moving back to my bed wobbly with hopes of getting some sleep, but as usual, sleep evaded me after those nightmares. I rather laid back in bed faintly shedding my usual tears. This has to end though, but I don't think it ever will, as the scars are branded in my mind. 


I had my first bad experience when I was 16. It was an afternoon I went with my friends to check on our WAEC results. I was burned in fierce joy because of my good grades;

"Oh my God, I gotta show mum and dad this. I can't wait to share the good news to them." My spirit bounded higher, painted all over my face.

Kate exclaimed too, "Yeah, we have all got good grades, I can't wait too, pls let's just go home."

We all went to our various homes that day. I got home but didn't meet my parents'. I wasn't happy because I just couldn't wait to share the good news to them, so I place a call to them in haste.

"Hey my daughter!" Dad's voice came through the phone.

"Dad, where are you guys now? I'm sure you will be really excited if you hear the news I want to pass across."

I could feel dad smiled over the phone and the surprise in his voice was evident. "What is the news all about? Now I really can't wait to hear that."

"Just come home, hurry up 'cause I won't tell you over the phone, I need you to see it yourself," I scolded. 

Mum's sweet voice came low over the phone as she spoke, "you and your daughter, what are you guys talking about? I advise you just concentrate on your driving and leave her to herself."

Dad protested, "I don't lose concentration when I'm talking to my daughter, how can I leave my daughter? Sweetheart, your mum is just jealous."

Mum agreed falsely, "It is fine, just make sure I'm safe."

"Oh, come on mum. Dad, don't listen to her, I want to keep talking to you and I'm sure you will be safe." I assured them. 

Suddenly I heard mum screamed, in fear. Dad reassured her, but his voice betrayed him.

"Is everything okay dad? hello, hello..." I got disturbed as the line suddenly got disconnected. I tried calling again, but it was unreachable. I was worried sick but had to wait patiently for their call. I was expecting them to call back just to tell me they are okay as I paced around the living room.

Hours passed by, I didn't see their brake light. The tears flow unconsciously as I begin wondering to myself–what could be wrong? I can't stay here doing nothing, I have to go search but where? I don't know where they went to, who could I ask for help? I questioned myself in confusion.

~ ~ ~ ~

The morning sun reflected into my eyes as it stole its rays through the golden brown curtains. I managed to open up my eyes to check what the time was. Then reluctantly raised my head to the large clock hanging on the wall featured in marble color. I jumped up from the bed opening my eyes widely.

What! This is 10:01.

My mouth fell open. I didn't even realize when I dozed off from my thoughts. I moved to the bathroom to take my morning bath, and got dressed afterwards. I don't have many things to do though. I got downstairs to the living room down to the kitchen clad in just my house wear and yellow flip flop.

I cleaned everywhere then went to prepare my breakfast. This was just my routine everyday. Surprisingly, I never felt bored by this, in fact, this is what kept me going.

I have decided to make a bread burger with milk, as my mum has taught me how to make these little snacks. I learnt all the house chores from my mum, yes, we are rich but she never spoilt me. I've always been proud to have parents' like mine, this made me go deep in thought–

11 years ago...

Two days after the incident, the bell rings at the door. I was already depressed when I heard the news on TV. I wasn't able to see my parents' for the last time. A man came in with few family members to consoled me, the man later introduced himself as my father's lawyer and said;

"Really sorry about the death of your parents', this is the time to be strong Monica, and you have everyone's support, okay?" He asked gawkish, but I didn't respond. He continued, looking back at the file in his hand. "The deceased has left all his properties, cash, cars, and the shares company inclusive, to his only daughter Monica. He has only kept all his savings for his daughter, her tuition fees, and all she is going to need until she get married, and for the rest of her life. The deceased believed death is inevitable, and he could die anytime so he worked hard and kept all his savings for Monica so that she won't taste any sorrow, or suffer for the rest of her life, like he did," 

I stared at him conspicuously, then he added; "he dropped a letter for you when he wrote the will."

I collected it from him in haste and cried out loud. 

I can't believe how much dad loved me for him to have kept all his entire savings just for me to live a good life. I could recall dad once told me about the company's share – when it was so difficult for him after the marriage between he and mother, he brought up the idea of involving two of his friends into a business idea that stuck in his mind during that time. Though, mum was against the idea of joint business, but dad assured her to put her trust in him. That made the company's share his and both of his friends, though he had the largest share of the company because he's already into it before involving them. But it is not all about money as I am still unhappy even though I have all the money by myself. My needs are being taken care of already and all I needed to live life are available, but I'm still not the happy girl my father had expected me to be. Happiness matters in life, this house, cars, money doesn't seem to be beneficial, but I will never let my father's hard work go in vain.

The sound of a bell brought me out of my trance as I was about to check on the patty. I switched off the electric grill at the continuous range of the bell. I helped myself out of the kitchen, down to the living room, scurried to the door to get it open, wondering who it was.

"Who is at the door?" I wondered, 'cause I hardly receive visits from random persons, it's either I'm visited by my dad's employees or from my mother – I do call her that 'cause she deserves to be called that, and if anyone of them is coming to visit, they call me first, but I haven't received any such calls this morning. I opened up the white, thick -aluminum main door and was shocked to see the last person I would ever expect.


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