Chapter 02

I placed my hand slowly over my mouth at the sight of the ladies. "Oh my!" I whispered, my hand on my forehead now. "Oh my God!'" Voice was above a whisper.

I shifted my gaze a bit, and it landed unintentionally at the pictures of my death parents' on the wall, and some artistic pictures, down to the leather couch that beautified the living room. My hand fell on my waist as I turned again to face the four ladies standing side by side one another who kept on smiling.

"Oh my God, girls!" I felt the surge of happiness in my voice as it became louder. I reached out my open arms to the girls. They wouldn't stop giggling and chuckling excitedly. "Damn! This is a big surprise girls, you couldn't -" placed my hand on my forehead, smiling. "Gosh, I didn't receive any calls from you, I never expected you to be here, I wasn't even expecting anyone."

"Babe, calm down okay? We need to be here, for you." Ciara – the one I consider the cutest among us. Her pointed nose is enough for guys to fall head over heel in love with her. She exposed her teeth, resting her hand on my arm, and the other hand on my Jaw.

"Yeah, yeah, we are here now, can you at least, offer us in? Huh?" Amy stretched out her hand to the door, and folded back her arms around her bosom. Her blonde hair fell over her shoulder, which I observed she had bright red lips stick on.

"Sure sure," I giggled. Their heels thumped on heavily and lousy on the tiled floor as they all made their way through the house. "Welcome to Nigeria."

"Imagine you staying alone in this huge house." Lilian demonstrated with her hand, wandering about the living room as if inspecting the house, dressed in a crazy jean, and a similar jean jacket.

Olivia also paced around, along with Lilian." She doesn't know how much we missed her. Back in the states, we never leave each other's side, but look at you," she crossed her leg as she threw herself on the couch beside Amy. "you left us there to leave alone in Nigeria. You couldn't even come check on us, is it because of the issue between you and-"

Amy nudged her, interrupting her complete, obvious, sentence. "Excuse me! will you just stop blabbering already?"

"She never stops obviously, that is who Olivia is." Lilian threw her hand up, and down, then shrugged.

I grinned. "Come on girls, it's fine, I am not in any way angry. You know what right now, I need you girls to go take a shower, then you all should come back downstairs to talk about your journey to my country. Damn!" I gestured.

"The journey from the states, down to Nigeria, is stressful as fuck. You don't need to blab about your so-called country..huff!" Amy stood up from the couch. "I am just so hungry right now."

We burst out at her jest.

"I know how much you love food Amy, just go up girls, and pick any room of your choice. I'd make something for us."

"That is why I have always loved you girl, you are the best." I smiled, as Ciara blew up a kiss to me.

I watched them leave for the room with their luggage, through the tiled stairs. I noticed Olivia stayed behind as she gripped my hand while I was about leaving for the kitchen.

She gasped, "you know I wouldn't want to hurt you in any way," she rued at me, holding onto my hand. "I am sorry for earlier."

I clenched her ear, which was soft and bare, with no earring. "Should you be apologizing?" I said rhetorically.

"Aww, come on babe."

I chuckled and she did the same. "I should be apologizing for leaving in such a way without a proper goodbye, but now that you girls are here, we'd make the best of memories. Go on now. I got to prepare something before Amy gets here to scold us."

"Right!" We both cackled again.

~ ~ ~

Uh, those are my four friends back in states. Ciara – the gentle, and the calm girl among them all, she does everything to make other party happy, that is not Amy, I chuckled slightly, placing the snacks in the oven for baking – she doesn't care if you are okay with it or not as long as that is what she really needs. I really love her though 'cause she is never trying to impress anyone. 

Our dear Olivia, a nice girl too, she cares about me a lot, she would do everything in her power to stand by me, but she doesn't know what to say or what not to say. That is why we seem to be having misunderstanding, and arguments all the time. As for Lilian, she doesn't care if you are older or not, she is always ready to correct everyone around her. They are all good friends as it is. I cherished all the memories we had, but they would always bring me to remember what I don't want to.

I should prepare a milkshake, instead of milk. That should be the best option. 



I've gone through a lot in the past, I just need to clear my head and be happy. I was in my room back then when I thought to myself. I strolled down the street, with no destination then I  found myself later at the pool. I made myself comfortable on the lounge chair. I crossed down my legs as I watched the people swimming, dipping down their head into the blue water. Some ladies with blonde hair walked about the pool, with their bikinis, some in colorful G.string and bra, while some are in rainbow colour. Suddenly, I felt a soft palm tapping me at the back. I turned to see a tall, skinny lady, robed in a red bikini that suited her skin. She held a glass of Chapman on her left hand.

"Hey lovely! Did anyone ever tell you how beautiful you are?" Amy glanced at me from the top, down to my boot sneakers, zipping the drink. 

She got me staring at her in an awkward manner, she squinted her eyes at me, trying to voice out when Olivia rushed down to us at that moment and mumbled to Amy, "what are you doing, is anything the matter?" She leered at me, and later turned back to Amy, dropping her hands on Amy's shoulder. 

The other two ladies walked down to us before she could answer the question. "come on ladies, I wanna swim, can we just –" 

Amy interrupted Ciara's conversation."Can we just calm down ladies, why are you all bombarding me with questions, don't you notice this cutie standing with us," they all fixed their gazed at me, sexually. "She is not bad, let's take her in." She stuck out her tongue to the straw inside the drink.

"I'm sorry, I'm not for that, excuse me." I stood up, trying to leave, as they hollered at me;

"Excuse me! We are not lesbians! If that is what you think." I stood agape. How on earth do they know what my thought was?


"Ladies, it is done, where are you all?" I announced loudly, placing the meal on the dining table -made of black thick transparent glass. 

"Awwn, so sweet, let me be of help. What can I help with?" Ciara marched towards me, at the dining table . 

"Oh wow, how did you know this is what I really need at the moment. You are not bad." Amy uttered sweetly and quickly adjusted the dining chair to sit down. 

"As usual, you are always the first to sit, but never make something for us to eat." Ciara scolded her. 

"Did you know what you just said made me remember the first time we met Monica, Amy?" Olivia held the glass of milkshake and zip some as she stepped towards me, holding on to my shoulder. 

"And what was that?" My eyes were painted with curiosity, gazing at each of them to understand what she was about to say.

"Not bad!" She laughed out loud. 

Amy scooped some bread in her mouth, chewed before responding to Olivia. "Oh my, like seriously, Monica could be so crazy, she actually thought we were lesbian." They broke out.

"The fact that we all know what she meant makes it more funny." Lilian declared on her way downstairs. 

"Why are you girls making jest of me like that, you want me to cry." I uttered babyish.

"Awwn, cry cry baby." Ciara imitated, while we all giggled.

"That was where we met Arnold, it was.." Olivia splurged out, as we all sat down to have our breakfast. 

"Ahn ahn, olivia!" They chorused, "must you talk!" Lilian added. 

Olivia trying to apologize like she always did, but Amy shut her up, "you are always apologizing for your fucking unnecessary mistakes."

"Hey ladies, let's not do this, not this moment. You girls' came around and it actually made me happy. I haven't been smiling, laughing this much, but look at me, I can't even express how I'm feeling right now. I have been trying my best to forget all the memories we shared, 'cause I believe it'd make me forget Arnold but I can't, and now, with you girls here, I'm sure if you keep making me smile this way, I will forget him without forgetting you girls, you are my heroes ladies, let's not spoil the fun and Olivia, please, try your best to avoid mentioning his name, do you wanna hurt me the more?" 

"Trust me girl, we'd always keep you happy. Even though we don't really know what happened between you guys, not talk of understanding your pains, we'd try our best to be with you always.'' Ciara held my hand in comfort. 

"That is why we are here." Amy added. 

"You know I love you girl," Olivia said, reaching her hand towards mine.

"It is fine." I grinned at her, holding back her cold palm. "Can we eat now, and how is the food?"

Ciara made the perfect sign with her thumb and the next finger next to it, "amazing."

"Awwn awwn, thanks love." We cracked up.

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