Chapter 03


We already became friends at that moment in the poolside, chatting and cracking up jokes as Amy tends to lighten up my mood from her funny gestures. Just then, water splashed at me as I was the one closer to the pool. 

I gasped at my wet dress, looking directly to the pool, my gaze met with the guy with a brown eyeball, clouded with a black round colour. He stared at me apologetically and in a way I can't really explain. He came out of the pool, but never took his eyes off me as he was lost in thought.

"Hey man, you got to apologize for splashing the damn water, not just staring?" Amy scowled at him.

"No no, it is fine." I mumbled to her.

"No, it is not fine. I should have been careful, really sorry about that, but can I know you girls the more, you all look so stunning," he shrieked. Just in his white pants, and broad chest. "I am Arnold and you...." Expecting a reply -

"Oh well, I am Amy. You are not bad too, you have got six packs as it is, and..." She said seductively, while Lilian cut in; "crazy girl." 

I chortled at their funny banters, that was when I realized they are the only one that could make me a happy person again. 

Arnold stood there, stole his gaze at me. That only made me dislike him that moment. I hate guys that flirt, but I ignored him, towing my hair behind my ear, smiling at the ladies gist.

"Wow, I love your smile, can I-?" 

"Arnold! I've been waiting for hours and you kept me waiting to talk to some random girls, is that nice?" A young lady recognised by her voice, cut in short, rudely.

"And what does that suppose to mean?" Amy tried to defend when Ciara stopped her from talking. Arnold apologized and left us there. 

I never knew Arnold had been stalking me for days. I was on my way to get something, strolling through the quiet road occupied with dried grass, when I heard the familiar voice behind me. "Hey pretty, hi."

I halted, and turned back, keeping my hands in my jacket, just to see the flirt. "What, you!.. at the poolside if I'm not wrong?"

"Yes, you are not wrong," His cute smile only made me annoyed the more. "I just wanna have few moment with you, can I know your name at least?" He stretched his hand forward for a reply. 

"Have you been stalking me? How.. Did you.. " I am puzzled. 

He gestured with his hand, "calm down please, calm down. I wasn't stalking you intentionally, just wanna get to know you better."

"So, you have been stalking me, and why is that?.. Hold on! Was that not your girlfriend the other day, so why are you flirting around with other girls. What are you guys' problem?" I scare quote 'what are you guys problem' with my fingers, but instead, he cackled.

"You find it funny?" I folded my arm to my chest.

"I am sorry," he burst out again which makes it look more irritated. He managed to stop after the long lasting frustrated laugh. "She wasn't my girlfriend, she is my sister, blood sister."

  • • • • •

I was at the dressing table after taking my shower. Still in my bathrobe when I was cleaning my face with cotton wool soaked in my face cleanser when I brooded over the letter written by dad. I reached for it in the chest drawer at the bedside where I had left it. I read this whenever I missed dad. I had gone through this particular letter countless times, and yet, never got tired of reading it. It made me feel loved and emotional. I usually ruminated on it for several minutes. 

Sighed as I plumped down at the edge of the bed, removed the letter from the fancy envelope, and began to read for the umpteenth time;


Hi sweetie,

I hope you are good. I know how sad you would be after reading this letter I'm writing to you now, but remember dad loves you now and always and he wants you to be good. 

I have never wished to leave you all alone in this cruel life. Yes, life is cruel, but never try to be cruel, the one who understands life would know how to live in this life. Life will throw you plenty of curve balls to knock you off track, but try not to be swayed. You can get derailed unexpectedly from your plans, but never give up my dear, keep trying, keep moving on, let your eyes shed mostly tears of joy. Build a castle for happiness in your heart, and do not chase it out, not for anything. 

You are a strong girl, love, don't allow pain, make you miserable, fight every weakness in your way, even if it's your last ounce of strength. Love should make you stronger, don't be weakened by it. Falling or failing is inevitable. Stand on your feet again and be stronger if you do. The more you believe, the more you achieve, the more challenges you face, the stronger you will be, but never give up! The way I have worked so hard to save that much money for you, that is the way I want you to save more than for your future, to your children also, work hard for them, don't be like dad who gave birth to just you, smiles... 

I need you to get married to a good man who will love you as much as you do. I might be there on your wedding day to walk you up to the aisle, but if I happen to be absent, never hesitate to go with someone else. Be happy in life dear, get married, have children, work hard, be successful, be consistent, be an independent person, and be proud of yourself because dad will forever be proud of you, dad misses you and I love you.

                                    Your love. ❤"

"Oh dad! I miss you too, and I love you. Why did you leave me all alone in this cruel life, this is so much of a burden for me. I can't carry it all alone. Come back to me dad, and solve this whole issue for your daughter. I need you. Did you have to leave dad? Did you have to?" Emotions welled up in me, and rushed to my hands. The rush of emotions crumpled up the letter in my hand. I felt the surge of heaviness in my throat, down to my chest. I was crying out loud, and felt like screaming at the top of my voice. Then i heard footsteps up the hallway, right to my door.

"Eeh, what – what is wrong Monica?" I felt a warm touch on my shoulder, through my back. Ciara showed up to my face, and sat down on the bed. I couldn't help noticing her mini, V. necked nightgown, with her nipples peeking through the duchess gown. "What is this with you?" She released the squeezed letter from my trembling hand, and mumbled to herself, "letter from your love here to you my beautiful daughter?" She gazed at me with remorse. "You are missing him right?" I yelped, and nodded to her.

She heaved a sigh of sympathy."Come here love," she drew me closer to her, and hugged me in comfort. "I never see you in so much tears. You always try your best to be happy in our presence, but you are actually going through a lot. That makes you stronger, and I think that makes me lucky to have you as a friend," she caressed my hair and pecked me on the forehead. "Stay happy Monica. For me. For us. For your dad, most especially, for yourself, love."

Fresh tears formed in my eyes, and dropped down in huge drops, couldn't stop them. "Ciara, I am lucky to have you girls as friends as well. Thanks for understanding me always, thanks for standing by me. Even though I never tell you guys my pain, you still chose to stand by me. I will never stop loving you all." She disengaged our embrace after several minutes.

"OK, so, it is fine now. Come on, wipe your tears. I am sleeping here tonight." She said, matter-of-fact . 

"What! Why? I am okay. I mean – You don't –"

"This is my decision, so don't argue with me. Even if you do, ain't going back on my words. Come on, let's get some sleep already, it is a big day tomorrow." 

A large grin got plastered on my lips. "Alright love." I succumbed.


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