Chapter 04


We were all in my apartment at the dining close to the window. Cool breeze rushed in, and blew at our faces and hair. A long sofa below the window. We were all chatting, and giggling, when my phone rang out getting everyone's attention. I knew at once it was the same caller that had been calling since dawn broke. So, I ignored it. 

"That is your phone there Monica." Lilian brought to my notice –who was opposite my seat, next to Olivia.

"Yes, I know." I fixed my eyes on the glass cup in front of me still.

"So why aren't you taking it? Who is the caller?" Olivia had a shot of the drink in front of her.

Amy took the phone before I could answer their question. She peeked at me, and checked the caller ID. "Stalker?"

"What!" They all exclaimed, laughing out loud. 

"Who the hell is stalking you?" Amy emphasized, and pronounced the word 'stalk' like it was something special.

"Girls , I'm fed up with this guy. He has been stalking me since the day we met at the poolside. He had to play a prank on me to get my contact."

"You mean that cute guy? Oh my God!" Olivia blushed.

I stared at her, down to the other girls. I noticed the loving expression on their faces. "Don't tell me you like him girls, you want me–" 

"Why are you avoiding his calls? He is cute and my God! He is not bad at all. You have no idea how long I've been wanting such a guy. Go grab him girl. Oh God Monica, those kinds of guys are good in the damn bed, trust me." Amy said, and zipped some of her drink. 

"Don't tell me you ladies are thinking the same thing –Gosh! How can you tell me to date him? Just like that." I stood up from the chair, and paced forth and back.

"Come on, sit! Amy can be so crazy, but she is kinda right today. If not for we ladies, you are always lonely and kinda unhappy. You don't show it, but we know it. He would fulfill your dreams and get you back on your feet, try him out girl." Ciara gestured at me.

"I thought the same thing too. Just give it a try. You know we always want you happy, and we want the best for you." Lilian added. 

"I will tell you to go for what you really want, maybe try going out with him, give him attention, and find out the kind of guy he is. By the way, he has a girl with him the other day?" Olivia became curious, squinting her eyes in my direction.

"You are always different Olivia. This time babe, you need a companion, try finding out who he is? If you wanna do that girl, you will never pass out, you're just gonna waste your time. Just gist me babe, have you by chance have a one night stand with him?"

"Eel!! Amy! You must be a crazy girl, but Olivia is right. I will decide for myself, and that girl was his sister. He already asked me out on a date, but I'm damn scared, girls. I don't wanna go, too uncertain to agree."

"Hmm, look at this babe oo. Yeah, Olivia is right, blah blah – whatever," Amy imitated. "You scared? For what? Huh! Don't be confused with yourself, don't–"

Olivia cut in abruptly, but Amy shunned her up. That is how they began their argument as usual, but no matter what they say, I would only make my decision myself out of my own will. That is where life pushes me to. 


(I wanna tell you something... yes... I love u... just out of her pity... no no.. I swear ... was you....) (voice echoed.) 

No! I screamed out of bed from the same nightmare, gasping, craving for water. I held onto my cheek and pulled my hair backward. Ciara woke up suddenly in fear, she switched on the light beside her and held onto me. "what is wrong? You tremble, do you need water?" I nodded to her.

"I will get you some," she hurried to my bedside to get water, but the jug was empty. "gosh, I'd just go downstairs to get some."  


I met Amy on my way downstairs, yawning as she made her way out of the room. 

"Hey! what are you doing still up this late?" She asked.

"I don't know what is wrong with Monica, just get the water for me, I will be with her in her room, hurry!" I handed the jug over to her, and rushed back to her room.

"No problem. Be careful!"

I got back to the room. I didn't meet Monica in bed. "Monica!" I was puzzled."Monica, Monica!" My voice became louder. "Oh my God! Where is she? I shouldn't have left her here all alone." My voice trembled in fear, as I paced around the room.

"Here is the water... and where is she?" Amy's eyes darted around the room, and later looked back at me.

"I– I left her here – where–" I stammered. I placed my palm on my forehead and went silent.

"Just calm down, we're gonna search. She must be in here, the room is huge remember? So, she – she must – God – where –" Amy tried her best to sound positive, but her voice failed her.

"What the shit is going on here, you couldn't let us have some sleep. What is it now!" Lilian said, moving around in her sleepy eyes, and loose pajamas. 

"Hey girls, what is wrong?" Olivia walked in at the same time with Lilian. "Where is Monica by the way?" She asked. 

"Yah, true! Where is she?" Lilian became sober, clenching her jacket around her waist.

"We – We couldn't find her. I think –" I swallowed the lump in my throat. "She –She had a nightmare, she woke up terrifically –then–she asked for water, that – was – Gosh! I shouldn't have –" I was trying to explain to them, but I ended up stuttering, speaking gibberish.

"Clam down! This isn't the time to regret anything, let –let's just look for her." Lilian concluded, and they supported, nook and cranny while calling her name.


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