Chapter 08


I was together with Arnold in his room, on his bed one afternoon. I rested my arm on his shoulder, and held onto them for support, while he was busy chatting on his phone. 

"Arnold?" I called out to him.

"Hmm!" He responded, but didn't turn to face me. 

"I wanna speak to you, it is very important."

"Okay, I'm all ears."

"I said it's very important." My voice came out louder.

"Go on now, I'm listening."

"What is wrong with you Arnold, you don't even have my time anymore. I said I wanna talk to you, but you're still busy on your phone." I only expected him to look into my eyes, and pay me attention. 

"Oh! Come on –Okay, I am sorry, just wanna reply to this particular message –Okay," he dropped his phone and looked into my eyes. "Go on."

"I have nothing to say again, not like I'm important to you anyway."

"Baby, I said I am sorry. Okay? Forgive me, now tell me everything, everything in your mind. I will be glad to listen to you."

"Yah! I am going to tell you everything." I tilted my head downwards. "it is all about my past –"


I rested my head on the wall where my bed rested, in deep thought. I didn't even realize when Olivia came into the room, until she voiced out my name in a loud pitched voice.

"You are over thinking right? What is wrong? Is it about Monica?"

I lit up a smile on my lips. "Do you remember the day Arnold proposed to Monica? Do you remember how happy she was? She was filled with joy, burning out in great joy. I couldn't forget the smile on her face even though I had to tease her here and there. I love her, I love her like a sister could love her younger sister, not just as a friend."

"Of course! I do remember, I can't forget that, I've never seen her happier than she was that day."



We rushed to her house as she called us that evening to reveal the news to us. 

"Okay girls, I need you to guess." She grinned, buzzing with happiness.

"Have you guys fucked?" I screwed my face, squeezing my hair. 

"Gosh! you are so naughty, what do you mean by that? You just wanna ruin my mood."

"You know how she behaves, so just ignore her and tell us. What is it? I'm curious as fuck."

"I was only kidding so fuck off and tell us." I sat on the chair with my legs crossed. 

"Okay, I will just tell you guys – I am engaged!" Her face lit up with so much happy emotions. "He proposed to me." She screamed, giggling, showing off her expensive diamond ring. 

I stood back up while we all screamed in joy. "Oh -my-God! Oh my! Such an expensive diamond ring!! My God!" I grasped her hand to look closely. 

"Awwn awwn, I'm so happy for you love, let's throw a partyyyy!" 

"Yahhhh, treat me. Ohhhh!" Monica howled, floating in happiness.

We played music, danced happily and drank until we fell asleep till the next day. 


I opened up the small drawer in my dressing table as I sat down on the chair in front of it. I brought out the small cute safe in it, in the form of a box. There are some boxes that are not meant to be opened. There are some memories that are supposed to remain hidden in order not to open up the nearly -healed scars. But still, I opened the safe to bring back the memories, to purposely hurt myself? I don't know. I brought out the diamond ring I kept in it for years. This was the diamond ring Arnold proposed me with. I held it in my hand looking closely at it, like it was my first time seeing this. 

My phone beeped. I returned the ring in the safe. Ohh my, it is mum.  "Yes mum -I haven't been calling, I am really - What! "

Before I could complete my sentence, mum interrupted and revealed shocking news to me which made me drop my phone unconsciously.


I stood up from the chair I sat on and pulled my hair in a raged, gasping. I rushed downstairs and screamed out the ladies name, pacing to and fro, in the living room. I looked around like they were some tiny objects I wasn't able to see clearly. A threatened tears formed my eyelids, as my heart raced faster, tugging my hair to the back. I threw myself on the couch then I felt the pains of years ago in my heart. I squeezed my top onto my chest, like I was plucking out the broken heart. The tears came running down my cheeks, then I called out the ladies once more.

"Argh!" I panted, still in the same state.

"Hey! Monica! Monica! Are you okay?" Ciara rushed to my aid, while the other girls followed suit. "Are you okay?" She asked again and curved her palm on my cheek.

I withheld the tears, looking up to the roof, then I placed my palm on the couch, gasping.

"Tell us what's up Monica. You look disturbed." Amy said, looking straight to my eyes, as if searching for something in it.

"Arrr! He is–he is back, girls," I got up from the couch, then dropped my hand on my waist. "He is here again in this country. Why? What is he looking for?" Tears of sorrow flooded in my eyes.

"Ahh! We don't get you Monica. Who is back?" Lilian puzzled, and glanced at the ladies standing beside her, then glanced back at me.

"Arnold is back, girls, he's on his way to Nigeria." My voice came out weakly.

"What! Really?" Amy turned her gazed at Olivia. They stared into each other's eyes, then Lilian broke in their eye contacts.

"That was your plan right? Right, that was it. You don't need to pretend and just tell us you called Arnold. You called Arnold you both."


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