Chapter 12

Chapter twelve.

"Years ago while I was in year 3, I– I was forced to party out with my friends on my birthday. Yes, I was happy, I couldn't resist because it was my birthday, and I want the people around me to be happy because of me. This is where this got me, I care about people's happiness without thinking about what I really want. I never like the decision of going clubbing, but I go anyway," I lowered on the ground, and tugged my hair as tears kept flowing down. "I resisted at first, but I was confused by them. My desire was to make them happy, right. They were, I fulfilled their dreams. Their mood lightened up that night. Just this night then never will I go again, I told them that, then they agreed immediately. Of course, that was my first and last night I went clubbing. Neither will I be forced to drink, Nor will I be forced to dance. They had no problem with all my conditions, all they cared about was for me to go with them," I smiled to myself and gasped out. "

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