Chapter 13

Chapter thirteen.


"How can you be this heartless Loveth!" Ciara said in tears.

I smiled and cut in whatever Arnold was about to say, then I sat closed to my mother on the cold tiled floor. I raised up a leg to reach my elbow. "A year later. Even after the whole support mum gave me, I still couldn't help it, but to feel depressed. I can't do without having a nightmare every night. I kept missing my parents' every day. I couldn't help the loneliness, so I called mum and told her I have decided to travel out of the country, to make myself happy, to get my mind straight. I just wanna be happy. I don't wanna give up on life anymore, dad must be proud of his daughter wherever he is. I wanna be the strong girl dad always wanted me to be. She agreed with my decision and supported me with it. I got to the states, I thought of everything possible to be happy. So I decided to keep going out to catch fun. Then I met this beautiful angels," I stretched my ha

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