Chapter 2

I reached the parking lot with a sigh, who knew there would be so much traffic on the way here, the taxi man was cursing the whole way. 

Glancing around the school yard I almost smiled, almost. This might not be as bad I thought. The rustic castle like look to the school gave me a calming vibe.

My only issue is the withering stares from the students but that can be fixed by me, effortlessly.  Ignoring them I carried on my way towards the school doors with confidence, my hips swaying unintentionally. 

I sauntered straight to the administration office. I'm not nervous to be honest, actually glad I can't see any fake Barbies like my old school which was riddled by their cheap perfume. 

Right in that moment God did something unforgivable, so unforgivable I was almost smited on the spot. 

A golden women with platinum blonde hair strutted through the corridor, smacking her lips on some gum. Trying to be positive I almost ignored her hoping God didn't suddenly hate me even more. 

Yet instead the women glanced my way, a dirty snarl forcing itself on her plastic lips. 

Before I could leave the pussy cat to continue making dirties my eyes landed on the man standing beside her. He glanced my way, no emotion registering on his face. He looked at me thoroughly from head to toe like I wasn't a human being. 

If he wasn't undeniably handsome and buff I'd straight upper cut him, but my tiny ass body won't even be able to reach his damn jaw. 

It  angered me, without thinking twice I glared at the handsome yet annoying man. I was just about to turn around when golden stomped my way, mama bear is possessive guysss.

" I don't know who you think you are whore, but don't ever glare at my boyfriend again. You don't know who he is" she sneered, eh, me a whore. Pffttt. 

Glancing at the idle audience that immediately gathered an annoyed look graced my face, whyyyyyyyyy. I crossed my arms over my chest and stared straight into her ocean blue eyes. As I contemplated which words I'd use to verbally slice her throat my brain decided to remind me why I was there. For Emily, stop it women.

Calm down. Pulling my shit together  I was about to step passed her when she did something stupid. The women touched me with her dirty ass acrylic nails, the pink squares dug into my leather jacket. 

She messed with my soul. 

" listen Barbie" I sighed, already tired with this altercation I removed her hand from my arm and stepped a little closer. 

" next time your hands touch me I will rearrange the plastic in your face to resemble a pig, to be very honest your not that far of" I spat. A part of me expected her to start throwing fists so I started to pump myself up but unfortunately  she didn't. She did look perplexed that's for sure, like no ones ever been bitchy towards her. 

What happened next surprised me, the small crowd that gathered around us erupted into fits of laughter, comical laughter. I never knew I was that funny. The confused look on my face probably making them laugh more. 

As I looked around my eyes caught onto the sexy man I glared at, he was staring at me, seeming so calm yet there was some sort of emotion floating around his orbs. 

I turned around and started to walk away ready to leave her bullshit behind me, literally. When I heard something I didn't want to hear, ever. 

" damn I'd tap that ass" A man said. On instinct I whipped my head back ready to go at him. The ego exterminator is back, beep fucking beep.

I glared at the fine ass man who said it, he stepped forward from the crowd confidently. 

"If you ever disrespect me again I will gladly give you a homemade vasectomy" I stopped for a second before adding. "damn I forgot they haven't dropped yet......guess I'll have to wait a few years" I stated smiling to myself, I walked away before even taking a look at his reaction. 

I expected the crowd to burst out into fits of laughter again but instead they all turned towards the first fine ass man I saw with terrified looks. 


Just perfect Ava, fucking perfect.

You might have just messed with the man who might shoot up the school next week and blame it on you for giving him mental issues.

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