Chapter 4

" we going work" Emily asked as soon as I picked her up from Dixies arms. 

" yes baby, you get to see uncle Greg" I said waving my hands in the air,  a smile lit up her face. She loves that man like a father. 

" bye Dixie thanks for looking after her" she smiled and shoo'd us away like she always does. 

Placing Emily on the bed I changed into my uniform, black shorts and a white blouse. With one last glance in the mirror I grabbed Emily and we began our journey.

On the way there Emily was talking about anything and everything. we had a long detailed conversation about where Santa lives. 

She thinks in the Antarctic Ocean because Santa is so pale, legit makes sense to me. 3 year olds are smarter than we think guys. 

The cafe started to come into view, I've been working there for a year. The boss Greg is like my father figure he doesn't know everything about me but he knows I have to look after Emily so he allows me bring her to work. He's another one of those special souls. 

I ran into work and made a B line for Gregs office, opening the rusty metal door I placed Emily on the floor. It's hella cute to watch her stumble and run up to him.

"awh hey Emily" Greg showered her with kisses whilst tickling her belly. Emily reached up and tapped his salt and pepper hair, yeh he's getting older quicker. 

" hey Ava I gotta go to a meeting so you have to keep her next to the counter, take care" he placed Emily on his seat, kissed both our foreheads and then left. Emily was reluctant to let go like always. 

" see you later Greg" 

Its now 7.00 and Em is sat next to the till whilst I cleaned the counters. When I was almost done cleaning the bell rang, glancing at the door I smiled expecting a regular. Unfortunately the people coming through the door were ones I was not ready to see again . 

"Ava never knew you worked here" brunette said in a skeptical tone, the other guys came behind him and smiled. His eyes went to Emily's and he smiled.

"who's this" he murmured  as he pinched her cheeks she giggled whilst grabbing onto his little finger.

" my names emeelyy" she stated confidently. The boys immediately awed at her, yeh she's hella adorable. 

" she's my sister, what would you like to have today" I asked in a polite tone they all smiled except brunette. I noticed that the guy switched of after Emily mentioned her name, there's something definitely up with him. 

As I went to give the food Em followed me out, I placed their food down and leaned down to pick her up.

" wait Ava" Looking up a very adorable sight hit me, it was cutie pie looking all nervous. 

"yeh" I asked, he scratched the back of his neck nervously before glancing to brunette.

"can we play with her" blondie cheered interrupting cutie, a little part of me doesn't want to do it but it makes sense. They can't harm her cause I'm right here and I'm next to the door so they can't kidnap her; also she gets hella bored when I work. 

Giving one last look at Emily who pulled out her puppy dog eyes I placed her on the floor with a sigh. 

What am I doing. 

"Yeh sure but my shift ends in like 10 minutes" they nodded, Emily giggled before climbing onto brunettes lap. They started laugh and cooing about how cute she is.

" wait what's your names" I asked, I can't keep calling them nicknames that's so much effort.

" I'm James" brunette said, 

" I'm Aiden" blondie said 

" and I'm Connor" they all smiled well a smirk kind of smile, turning around I sighed in content before getting back to work.

No customers were coming so I sat and admired the boys play with Em like a creep, yup I'm a creep.

Ten minutes later my shift finished so I quickly grabbed my bag and went to the table, Aiden watched me come closer with puppy eyes. Aw bless him.

"hey guys can I have my sister back" I asked trying to grab Em out of James' grip but he just wouldn't let go.

"noooo I'm keeping her " he said as he hugged her close, I couldn't help but smile, they look so damn cute. 

" give her back or I'll drop kick you" I threatened with a hint of humour but he hugged her tighter. Connor and Aiden sat there laughing at James, I tried to stay serious but it only lasted a few seconds before I bursted out laughing too.

" ok I'll let you go but lemme carry her to the car" he whispered showing me that she's sleeping. 

"I don't have a car we're walking" I murmured then quickly grabbed her and wrapped a coat around her slim body.

" what no I'm dropping you of" James said in a commanding tone, I don't want him to know where I live; I don't want anyone to know where I live.

" no thanks" I hesitantly answered, I need to get out quick now. As I almost got to the small vintage door Emily was pulled from my arms suddenly.

" what the hell" I yelled at James, he can't just grab her like that.

Placing her on his chest he gently smoothed her hair down before giving me a stern look.

" I'm taking you guys and I don't care what you say" he commanded before walking in front of me, dammit why is he being like this.

As we got into his beautiful Chevy Impala he placed Emily in the middle and secured the belt around her before sitting inside.

"where do you live " James asked as he started the car, dammit I'm hesitating, why should I care what he thinks fuck. After pondering for a second I took in a deep breath and sighed it out.

"left right left" I fumbled with the hem of my blouse, he nodded and began speeding of. Weirdly we stayed quiet, I've never been in a comforting silence with a guy so this is new to me. I like it.

When we reached my apartment block James turned to me in shock "you live here " he muttered, I bet he hates me or pities me right now. The look on his face proved my point. 

" yup bye " I said as I grabbed Em, just as we were about to get out the rain became very heavy and lighting struck. Looking ahead I couldn't even see a foot in front of me, he's gonna die if he leaves now. Dammit I can't let him leave in this weather.

Sighing I turned back around and peeked my head through the window, James looked slightly confused. 

" you can't drive in this weather" I sighed as I tied Emily's coat around her, he smirked.

" what do you want to do babe " he whispered into my ear, goosebumps formed on my arms and neck.

"no you pervert just come on" he smiled and grabbed Emily from me, " why" I whined as he hid her under his leather jacket, he smiled. 

 "because I want to" was all he said.

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