Chapter 8

"James get your fat ass out of the shower we are going to be late" I screamed through the corridor, I've  made breakfast and even cleaned everything up yet his ass is still showering. 

I swear I thought it's women who take longer to shower yet this man has been in there for a good hour. 

" chill out chicken" he yelled back, chicken really?? If anything I'm a lion, ignoring his loser self I sat at the table and placed Emily on my lap, she leaned back before watching the cartoon play on the screen.

After about 10 minutes James sat down at the table with a  sigh, glancing his way I huffed in annoyance.

"James how bloody long do you take" I groaned making weird gestures with my hands making me look Italian. He smiled but didn't reply, What is it with him and hardly ever replying with words. His eyes literally tell stories. If you stare at them for long enough you see some sort of pain. 

Not regular pain though it's like guilt mixed with pain. His eyes also turn black when he's mad and they go hazely when he's happy. 

After James ate I dropped Emily of at Dixies, beginning our walk to school 10 minutes late. If I get a detention I'm killing him. 

Upon reaching the parking lot the same thing happened, many many people were staring at us with confusion written all over their faces. Yeh I'd be confused too. 

"Hey sexy" Aiden hollered through the corridor, turning around I faced him and fluttered my eyes like a desperate bitch.

" hey handsome" I squealed, he laughed before pulling me closer for a hug. Patting his back I pushed away with a laugh.

" how's my baby doing" he asked with his hand still around  my shoulders.

" Meh I guess hows you're sexy self" I added with a wink. Aiden and I spoke for a few minutes still trailing behind James.

I was so happy, the feeling was radiating all over me. With a massive smile on my face I turned to James, I waited expectedly for a smile but he didn't. 

His face conveyed many emotions but the main one was anger, his clenched jaw and blank face showed me I was right.

" what crawled up your ass and died?" I questioned as he looks like he could tear Mars apart, his eyes are clouded with an emotion I can't decipher.

" you, fucking whore" 

That weirdly hurt me, I stopped walking, my face turning into one of confusion. He didn't add nothing on instead giving me a blank look he slammed his locker and walked away from me. The little hope left within me expects him to turn but no......he didn't.

Turning back towards the guys they looked at me sympathetically, but I didn't want that. I wanted an explanation, I mean they are best fucking friends. Aiden and Connor gave each other knowing looks before sighing in despair. 

Not this again. Running to the  library I sat in my little corner and didn't plan on getting out . I hate it when people look at me like that, it's been happening nearly all my life I don't want that shit, not any fucking more. 

I thought everything would be different, new people new school new life. Where no one knows my past or what I've been through, where teachers won't let me of  because I was going through shit. Worst of all the people who I really enjoy are doing it. 

Why do things like this happen to me, I want a normal fucking life with no bullshit. 

Even though what happened isn't a big thing I don't want to deal with it. Not again. 

I was too engrossed in my thoughts too realise that school was already over. Relief coursed through my body as I can finally go home to see Emily, only she can make me feel better. 

Saying my goodbyes to the library staff I ambled my way home distracted.

There was another sight to see as soon as I got outside. The parking lot was almost empty except for a few lingering student, and James. He was stood beside Barbie, her hands all over his body. 

Walk away Ava, it doesn't matter. For fucks sakes you've only known this man for less than a month he's nothing.

I fall easily, I fall into like easily. What does that say about me, that I'm easy or that people can use me for a while then discard me like I'm nothing. God! I only knew him for 2 or 3 days but he actually showed me care, and some sort of love. 

I should've learned by now but hell look where I am.

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