Chapter 9

Dixie could tell I was in a bad mood, she handed me Em with a small smile. 

I changed Emily and I into our nighties before sitting on the bed, she sat beside me mumbling weird words. Usually I would concentrate on her but today my mind isn't letting me.... He pissed me of and I let him. I didn't even do anything.

Emily was in an unusually happy mood, I didn't want to make her upset. Pushing my sadness down I smiled at her. 

" look look" Emily yelled whilst clapping her hands together,

" avvy Patrick fellll" 

" he did, loook the jellyfish are there" I mumbled happily, distracting myself from the shitty feelings. 

She was so distracted by the tv I decided to get dinner ready. 

" Emily, dinner time" 

I couldn't be asked cooking so I warmed up last nights dinner and placed it on the table. She didn't wait a second before gobbling the food down. 

" calm down baby's your gonna end up choking like last time" 

" sorry Avvy" she started to calm down. 

Half way through the episode the doorbell rang causing me to jump, Emily ignored the sound and carried on watching the show, she was barely hanging on anyways. Her eyes fluttering every few seconds.

Might be Dixie, I think Emily left her coat there. Or it could be Girl Scouts. Fucking hope not. Can't stand the go lucky attitude and fake cheesy smiles. Makes me sick. 

I wish I had a peephole right about now, pulling the door open I placed my hand on my hip ready to give attitude to any cookie girls. 

I'd rather have the cookie girls, it's James. He stood in front of me with a small frown gracing his face, his usual tan missing instead he's pale and weirdly looking sad. Pushing my feelings away I tried to slam the door but failed as he put his foot in front stopping me from doing so.

" leave" I asked politely, looking at me with a blankly he entered the house uninvited. Emily didn't even glance his way cause of spongebob, he looked at her sadly before turning back to me.

" I'm sorry"  he muttered in a low voice, a slight gasp escaped my lips. I fully didn't expect him to apologise, stepping back I crossed my arms below my chest and frowned.

" what" I whispered unsure of what I heard was true. 

" I said I'm sorry Ava I was....... in a bad mood" he said as he grabbed my shoulders in a firm hold, that still doesn't mean he could do that. Am I a dickhead 


A/N: if your British you should understand ūüėāūüėā

" just because your in a mood doesn't mean you could take it out on me" I snarled, James let go of my shoulders and ran a hand through his lucious  hair

" I'm sorry Ava.....please" his voice seemed like it was gonna crack, fudgeeee. His beautiful eyes haven't left mine causing me to become speachless. What I wanted to say wouldn't come out, I wanted to scream, punch, kick and hurt him. 

My body wouldn't let me. 

Pulling on my hair I squeezed my eyes shut, ok Ava.....just let it go. I might not even be here for long so it's ok. It's ok. He will stop caring soon as well, everything's gonna be ok don't make it difficult for yourself. 

" Fine, but please don't let it happen again. I'm tired"  I don't usually forgive anyone but for some odd reason I couldn't say no.

A massive smile appeared on his face as he heard my words, pulling his hands away from his hair he pulled me into a bear hug.

James stepped away and smiled, gently smiling back I turned back to Emily. Both of us ambled towards the sofa, James awed in  the cutest way possible as he saw Em. He gently picked her up.

 Thinking he was going to sit down I went to go get dinner but instead  he walked towards the bedrooms.

"James what are you doing" I whisper yelled at his retreating form, "putting her to bed" he mumbled with the same volume.

 Quickly cleaning the living room I went back to my room expecting to see James and Emily. 

Glancing at my bed my eyes did a double take.

" where's Emily" I asked curiously, James flipped onto his stomach and pulled the covers over his naked back, damn. He mumbled her bed before patting the space  beside him.

No Ava don't.

Grabbing my nighty I slowly and quietly walked towards the door, he's already asleep. Shaking my head at his snoring form I left the room. 

This is all happening to fast, I'm usually one to stop things going further then to a hi and bye relationship so how have I gotten so close to this man in such a short period of time.

Someone please tell me.

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