"Zainab!" Ismail roared and she stiffled a laugh as she sprayed her perfume. She smoothed out the non existent wrinkles on her black and white maxi dress and rushed out banging the door behind her.

"Zainab! I'm going!" Ismail hollered again. He was standing impatiently in the sitting room playfully glaring at her as she ran down the stairs.

"I thought you were going to take forever up there." He said. "And you look beautiful."

"Hmm you don't look bad yourself." He was dressed in a plain white shirt that hugged his abs and designer jeans with a jacket.

"Don't you mean I look hot and irr..." 

"Okay let's go or else we will lose our flight." 

"If you say so then." 

"Are you ready wife?" He asked.


"Let's get going then." He said as he took her hands in his.

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