It was a miracle that Ismail arrived at the hospital in one piece. All he kept hearing when he was driving like a mad person was "your wife just had an accident. Your wife just had an accident." His wife. His Zainab. Zainab!

He quickly walked to the waiting room, just in time to see his in-laws waiting there already. He weakly exchanged pleasantries with them. His own parents and Afrah soon came after. Maheerah was clutching her grandmother's skirt, her eyes brimming with her tears. They all refused to answer her unending questions. Where is her mommy? 

"Ismail you're supposed to pray for her." Ameer said as he patted his shoulder. Ismail looked at him with bloodshot eyes. He wasn't even aware that he was crying. He sucked in a deep breath before facing his brother in-law.

"You don't understand how I'm feeling Ameer. She can't leave me. I need her. I need her more than ever. My life will have no meaning if she leave

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