"You gave him your what?!" Maryam cried glaring at Zainab. "What were you thinking?!"

"Look here Maryam. I didn't tell you this so that you can yell at me or glare at me." Zainab said a little hurt her own friend could say this. "I told you this so that you can rejoice with me as Aisha, Jamila and Yasmin did. Besides, why do you even care?" She crossed her arms as she returned the glare.

"FYI I'm backing up Maryam." Yasmin said patting Maryam on the back. Maryam ignored Zainab's question as she scowled even more.

"Me too." A quite voice behind them said. "Missed me?" They all turned to look at the intruder. 

"Hafsa!" Yasmin and Maryam yelled pouncing on her. 

"Guys! You're crushing me."Hafsa said laughing. 

"Mtsww, look who's talking." Maryam said giving her a little pat on her shoulder. 

"Long time no see. How have you been?" Yasmin asked. 

"Fine Alhamdulillah." Hafsa said beaming. "I missed you guys". 

"We missed you too." Maryam and Yasmin said in unison. 

"We should go back to our seats cus if I stay here any longer someone's clothes will be stained with blood." Jamila said glaring at Maryam.

"Nice to see you Hafsa." Zainab said and with that the trios left to their seats. 

"You will regret what you did Zainab just you wait and see." Maryam muttered.

"Oh no Maryam just give the girl some break will you? Hafsa said turning to face her. "I know you have a hot temper. Just try to calm down."

"I can do anything to get Isma'il's attention on me but Zainab is just ugh!" Maryam said. "You see that boy over there, that's Isma'il."

Hafsa turned to look at Isma'il who was talking with some boy. "He's quite handsome."

"Yeah he is." Maryam rolled her eyes. "And I have a plan or two that i will execute tomorrow."

"But I thought you're dating Abba." Hafsa said puzzled. 

"Yes, I am but it won't last long." She said with a smirk.


"Bye baes.. Mama's waiting for me." Zainab said waving at her now two friends. 

"Bye Zee!" They said waving back. 

"Hi, I didn't come for my maths today." Isma'il said beside her. They were now walking side by side. 

Zainab blushed. "Yeah." Was all she said. 

"Get ready cus today we'll chat." He said. And with that he left. 

"Who was that you were walking with?" Mama asked teasingly. "Is he your boyfriend?"

"Mama he's just my classmate fa." Zainab said blushing. 

"Oh, ok. How was school?" Mama asked.

It was great! I'm crushing really hard on the new guy in class! She wanted to say but then settled with a "great alhamdulillah. I want to take ice cream Mama." She whined.

"Ok. Let's branch to Havilla then." Mama said and took a U turn. "But mind you you'll have only three scoops."

When they reached there they entered to order their ice creams. To Zainab's surprise, she saw Isma'il there. 

"Zainab, we've met again. What a coincidence. Isma'il said. 

" yeah." Zainab stammered. 

"But I've to say this..." He leaned over to whisper in her ears. "That you're stalking me. Bye talk to you later."

Zainab stared at him in horror. Her stalking him? Pfft. She would see who is stalking who. 

She ordered her three scoops. Vanilla, chocolate and oreo flavor and they went home. 

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