Zainab was having dinner with her Dad, Mum, and 3 siblings.

"Khadija pass me the mayonnaise please." Zainab said to her 12 year old sister.

"Ok." Khadija said and gave her sister her request. They continued eating in silence until their Dad wiped his mouth with a serviette and spoke.

"I'm going to your Aunt's house in kinkinau. Who's coming with me?" His eyes darted round the table.

"I'm cool." Yaya Ameer their 18 year old brother said.

"No, thank you." Zainab said and headed to her room.

"Till you come back Baba." Khadija said and followed her sister.

"Baba ka gaishe su." (Baba greet them). Abdullah said and picked his iPad.

Their Dad now turned to their Mother.

"Since the kids are not going then I'm also not coming with." She shrugged. "Send my regards. She then left to her room.

Yaya Ameer and Abdullah laughed.

"Women." Their Dad muttered shaking his head. He picked his car keys and left.


Zainab was reading a book in wattpad, Acceptance (I just love this book u should all check it out.) When her phone beeped. It was from Isma'il.

Isma'il: hey babe, how are you?

Zainab was a little shocked. Did he just called her babe?

Zainab: hi, I've been doing great. Hope you're too.

Isma'il: good to hear. Hope you enjoyed your ice cream too.

Zainab: 😃 yes I did.

Isma'il: so Zainab I've been meaning to tell you something.

OMG he's going to confess. Zainab thought. Her heart was dancing skelewu while her stomach was dancing shoki.

Zainab: carry on 😊

Isma'il: I want us to be friends Zainab 🙏 please.

Zainab felt like she was splashed with cold water. She checked his text again and again just to confirm if he wrote "friend"or "girlfriend".

Zainab: sure. No prob bye gotta go, I've something to do. 

Isma'il: ok, bye love.

Zainab sat on her bed and cried her eyes out. She felt foolish. Khadija went over to her and Zainab poured all her previous chats with her now so called new friend. She felt like a midget.

"Maybe he didn't mean this that he doesn't like you or anything. He may be taking things slow step by step." Khadija said and brought her sister to an embrace.

That didn't change anything. Zainab cried more on her sister's shoulder.

"Yi hakuri. (Sorry). Take this, wipe your tears and blow your nose. I will call Jamila." Khadija said handing Zainab a tissue. She took it and did as she was told but the tears kept flowing.

"Yeah that's what I told her too but she won't listen so I thought she would listen to you." Khadija said into the phone.

"Give her the phone. Jamila instructed. Khadija gave Zainab the phone and sat beside he patting her on the back.

"Zainab, I'm sure Isma'il didn't mean that you can't date him or whatever you think." Jamila said gently. "Khadija is right maybe he's taking things slowly. Ok?"

Zainab sniffed. "But I really like him not as a friend but something much more than that." She hiccupped.

"But there's nothing wrong in being friends Zainab. Just pray and soon he will ask you to be his girlfriend." Jamila said. "And even if he'll say you're a low class we'll take him down in a peg or two."

Zainab smiled and then she started crying again. Jamila kept saying soothing words to her friend before she hanged up. Zainab changed into her nighties and lied on her bed crying. Khadija went over to her.

"Are you okay?" She asked worried.

"Yes I am just go and sleep I'll be fine." Zainab said.

"Okay." Khadija said and went to the other side of the bed.

Zainab cried herself to sleep that night.

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