Maryam and Zainab soon joined the volley ball practice. They both slipped into the game, thinking that the sport master didn't notice them.

"You two, Zainab and Maryam go seat over that bench there and wait for halftime." He said.

"Uh crumps." Maryam muttered and sat on the bench with a thud.  Zainab joined her as they watched the rest of the girls play.  She was cheering for her friends' team. There on the other wing  of the field were the boys playing football.

Maryam smirked at Zainab mouthing tsk tsk tsk.

When it was halftime and they were given 10mins to freshen up, Jamila and Aisha dragged Zainub to the other side of the field.

"Why were you late and what in the world were you doing with Maryam?" Jamila asked raising a brow.

"That's a long story." Zainab said.

"Zainab, we're asking you and you're giving a damn answer." Aisha said glaring at Zainab.

Zainab sighed in defeat. She knew this two will never let go of her till she said the truth. So she told them all about Maryam's confession, Isma'il's true character and more.

When she was done they both looked speechless. Jamila spoke when she found her tongue.

"Are you out of your mind Zainab?!" She said in a loud whisper. "You don't have any idea what you've done do you?"

Zainab stared blankly at her. What is she talking about? Zainab thought. She should be congratulating me because I did the right think, all thanks to Maryam.

"She doesn't." Aisha whispered to Jamila.

Suddenly the Sports Master whistled indicating that the game will begin anytime soon. The three went back and played their ball. When it was over the Sports Master announced the two winners and they all went back to their various classes.

"Zainab you've messed up, like really messed up. You're stuck." Jamila said immediately her butt came in contact with her chair.

"I still don't get you." Zainab said sincerely. She took out her bottle of water and gulped it down.

"Jamila please just stop beating round the bush and tell her how she really messed up." Aisha pleaded.

"What I mean is that Maryam lied to you. She did that just because she likes Isma'il then she sensed that he might like you. So she just formed a false story and you went ahead and executed a trap for yourself!  Did you even think for a second?  Did you even know what the heck you wrote on that damn thing you call a letter?!" Jamila asked raising her voice a little.

Zainab stared at Jamila star stricken. She didn't see that coming. Jamila is right. Maryam had really played with her and scored. She felt like a fool when she wrote all those harshful things in the letter. She felt so stupid that she trusted Maryam. Now she ditched her. Her blood circulated all around her body then repeatedly.

"We've got to make sure he doesn't see that letter." Aisha said panicking.

Zainab stood up abruptly. There were only a few students in the classroom. She went over to Isma'il's locker and found it locked. Great.

"Its locked" she whispered her eyes stung with tears. "I shouldn't have trusted Maryam after all what she's did. Now he'll hate me for rest of his life on something that wasn't my doing." A tear slipped down her cheeks and she wiped it away.

"Don't wipe it, you cry it out." Aisha said and brought Zainab to an embrace. Zainab sobbed on her shoulders wetting Aisha's shirt in the process. But Aisha didn't care. As long as her friend will calm down she would do anything in her power to see that.

"It's okay, everything will be okay." Jamila said patting her back. But Zainab wasn't sure if everything will be alright.

Maryam is trying to separate her with her first crush!  

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