I watched as Zainab's friends talk to her while she only replied with a nod, "uhmm" "okay" and sometimes smiled. Gosh, why am i looking even looking at her. After all she did. She's so unpredictable.  I've got to get her out of my mind. I glanced at Abba who has his earpiece plugged into his ears and he's eyes were closed. I shuffled on my seat and closed my eyes too. I then heard Maryam's voice and I opened my eyes to see her smirking at Zainab. "Not again" I muttered.

"I'm just here to tell Jamila that she should have picked on someone her own size. But I'm not here to make any fuss so don't give me that kind of I-will-rip-off-your-throat look. Thank you for listening." I heard Maryam said but she still stood there her hands akimbo. Maybe waiting for a remark I guess.

I can see Jamila trying to stand up but then Aisha whispered something in her which made her relax and she just smiled tightly. Maryam nodded as if she was glad her message was delivered. She then turned to Zainab.

"You're highly welcome for accusing an innocent being and let me tell you this you should keep it in your mind when you hate a person for no reason someone else will do it to you too and when it happens you'll remember this talk and apologize to him. Karma is a bitch after all." She smirked.

I was really happy Maryam reminded her this so that she can get it into her  stupid thick skull. I smiled in satisfaction. I really like Maryam. She stood up for me and the only way to pay her back is to tell her how I feel. I was deep in thought but what Zainab said really shocked me.

"You shut up Maryam now listen to me carefully dear. I'll tell you how it feels to be loved or the opposite. How about your parents. They just took a look at you and decided that they don't need you. Isn't that so? You're now with your paternal uncle who you call your Dad now am I right?" Zainab gave her a cold stare and I could see how Maryam's whole body shooked. A loud sob escaped her mouth and she ran to the back of the bus. Everyone heard what Zainab said, and all eyes went to the back of the bus. Yasmin and Hafsat then went over to her. I really felt sorry for her. She's going through all this just to help me and I'm going to repay her soon. Just then the bus stop and I could see it was my turn to go I tapped Abba and he quickly picked his bag and we went to our various houses.

"Ina wuni Mallam Habu." I greeted our gate man.

"Ina wuni Karamin Alhaji." He said bowing down a little. I just smiled and went over to the door.

"Assalamu Alaikum." I salamed at my mom and two sisters.

"Wa alaikumusalam." They all greeted.

"Inawuni Maami." I said.

"Lafiya lau." Maami." said smiling.

"Hello chipmunks." I said grining at Afra and Aliya. Afra is 8 while Aliya is 12.

"Yey we're chipmunks Yaya Aliya we're chipmunks!" Afra said smiling widely holding her sandwich in her other hand and patting her sister with the other.

"Ke da'allah yi min shuru." (You shut up) Aliya said scrunching her face while trying to get what the actor was saying on the television. Afra pouted and munched her sandwich.

"Go take your bath and then come down for your lunch." Momma said.

'"Ok Momma." I said. I went up and freshen up, wore a sweat shirt and sweatpants then went downstairs.

"The food is on the kitchen island." Momma said.

I served myself the spaghetti and meatballs.  When I finished I went up.

"Isma'il zo" (Isma'il come). Maami said. I went over to her and rested my head on her lap whilst she stroked my hair.

"I'm still your best friend right?" She asked.

"Yeah." I said closing my eyes as she massage my head.

"To meke damunka?" (So then what's wrong with you?) She asked.

I quickly opened my eyes.

"Momma nothing is wrong with me I'm fine." I said faking a smile. All the things that happened earlier rushed to my head and I felt like screaming to the whole world.

"You sure?" She asked again.

"I'm sure Maami." I said.

"Ok, you can go now." She said. I pecked her on the cheek and went to the kitchen, grabbed some sandwich and juice and went up to my room. I took my laptop and watched my favorite movie Hold your breath. But I still can't get out what my heart held for long. I've got to get it out. I took my phone and dialed Yasmin's number. I can't tell Maryam myself but I'm sure her best friend can.

Zainab's pov

What I did was wrong, totally wrong. But I couldn't help it. She insulted me, I do the same. But I couldn't just help it. I felt like a monster. So I told Jamila and Aisha how about how I'm feeling. But these two are just too "perfect and understanding" to actually understand how I felt.

"You should be happy that you did that. Even though you brought out what she has buried all the time so... " Aisha said and shrugged.

"Well got to go so bye. Maybe talk to you guys later." I said as the bus stopped in my destination.

"Bye." They both said in unison.

I saw Yaya Ameer sitting on the gateman's chair chatting with who knows who.

"Hello big bro." I said faking a sweet smile. Actually I felt like crying but sha it's a free world.

"Hello Munchkin." He said without averting his gaze from his phone.

I snuck over to his shoulder and peeped at the profile name.

"Honey?" I asked raising a brow. He glared at me.

"Everyone calls her honey not that she's honey the other way round. I know how your mind works sometimes." He said. I then rolled my eyes.

"Hmm... I will let this one slip. Where is Hashimu (the gateman)?" I said.

"He went to buy something for me."

"And what's that?

"None of your own business."

"Ok." I said and I went into the house.

When i went into the living room I watched through the window to witness the thing that is not 'my business'. I then saw Yaya Ameer talking with someone on the phone and then he went over to the garden. After a few seconds Malam Hashimu came back holding a big leather that holds like 3 rectanglar shape boxes. I quickly ran to him.

"Sannu Malam Hashimu" (weldone Malam Hashimu). I said.

"Yawwa sannu" (weldone too) he said.

"Please give me that leather but don't tell Yaya Ameer that you gave it me." I warned him.

"Angama ranki ya dadi" (It's done your highness). He said beaming, handing me the leather.

"Nagode" (thank you). I said and scurried back to the house. Just then i heard Yaya Ameer's footsteps and I saw Hashimu running away. I chuckled and I went up to the room.

"Hey sis." I said as I plopped down on our queen sized bed.

"Hi." She said and concentrated back to her tablet. Khadija's class closes an hour before mine.  She was wearing a pink and white bou bou. I shook my head and opened the mystery leather. To my surprise it was the love of my life, the apple of my eyes, the cockroach in my cupboard...Domino's pizza 🍕 💞

"Deeja yau zamuyi pizza party" (Deeja today we're going to have a pizza party) I said grinning.

"Dan Allah?!" She said excited.

"Yep." I replied. Suddenly the door opened and in came Yaya Ameer with his stupid headphones round his neck. I dropped the leather on the floor and pushed it under the bed with my leg.

"Yaya Ameer we're going to... " Khadija began.

"Yaya Ameer for goodness sake this is a girls room not boys room you can't just barge in without knocking." I said putting on a serious face. Actually my family are helping me forget about the incident that happened earlier. And I'm really grateful. Now back to present. Yaya Ameer ignored my statement and then spoke.

"If anyone. Anyone happens to hear Hashimu knocking you should not answer the door you should call me. Understood?

"Yes sir." Khadija and I said. He nodded and then left.

"You stole his pizza right?" Khadija said.

"Yeah I did." I said bringing the leather out. I brought out the three boxes and disposed the leather in the dust bin.

"We're going to have it in this room." I said. "And then Yaya Ameer will have the shock of his life when he sees the empty boxes."

Khadija laughed and then stood up. "I'll go inform the others."

I opened one of the boxes and the aroma filled the room. So mouth watering. ❤️ 🍕

"They will come here after asr prayer." Deeja said sitting on the other side of the bed.

"We'll need some drinks. Go check the... " I began.

"Yeah I've checked the fridge. There's still a few left." Khadija said.

"Ok be right back." I went to the bathroom and took a bubble bath using my raspberry gel. So soothing. I can feel it taking all my pains away.

30mins later....

I came out from the bathroom and wore my polka dots dress and applied a little makeup. Khadija has already organized everything. Everything was just in place. With everyones plate on our study table with their drinks everything was perfect. 🍹 except that someone is not invited. Just then Mama, Baba and Abdullah entered.

"Wow it looks beautiful masha Allah." Mama said. "Now let's dig in."

We all sat on our seats and Mama sliced the pizza.

"Where's Ameer?" Baba asked.

Me and Khadija looked at each other.

"Uhhh...he said he's not feeling good so he's going to take a nap." I said. I hate lying but I know if I tell them the truth they'll scold me and cancel the party.

"I'll take his own to him." Mama said.

"No Mama he said no one should disturb him. We'll keep it for him." Khadija said.

"To ba mastala" (ok no problem). Mama said.

We all ate, drank our juices, cracked some jokes.

"Thank you Zainab for this pizza party Yaya Ameer has missed wallahi." Abdullah said.

"Hey what about me?" Khadija asked pouting.

"Is someone jealous?" I asked. "Anyways Abdullah please take one slice to Malam Hashimu."

"Ok." He said and took a slice.

"Jibe ka" (look at you). Mama ssid. "Use foil paper mana."

He groaned and returned with a sheet of foil paper. He wrapped the slice and went out of the room. Mama and Baba too left.

"Let's snap some pics." Khadija said.

"Yeah right I'll get my phone." I said.

But my phone has no charge.

"Wait." Khadija said. She whispered in my ear and I giggled. We then snucked into Yaya Ameer and Abdullah's room and saw him sleeping. We kept his 3 slices on a plate and the empty boxes too and wrote "u missed the party so here's your own share thanks for the pizza 🍕 😝" We then went back to our room.

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