Zainab's pov

If wishes were horses beggars would ride......

I wish I will have a chance to talk to Badman Binladin. Yeah. I've ever seen him once when I went to my Aunt's house in Abuja to spend the holiday. I saw him in Silver bird. I wanted to talk and maybe snap some pics but my Aunt was like u guys shld hurry up we're going to be late. And that was how she spoiled my mood. To cut my depressing story short, I'm now playing his song, my favorite song super and here is Deeja trying to spoil my mood.

"Wai why are you obsessed with this Badman ne. You're here worshipping him while his there clueless of your existence." She said. I ignored her as I sang the song with my future husband.

"Oya do the do super scary scooby doo... "

"Your wallpaper, his picture. You even have a special file in your laptop titled Bad

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