14th March 1965

Both of them stood frozen at the sight of the brigands holding them firmly hindered to make any possible movement, as tried hard to push them away but their grip was way too strong for them to push off.

Murphy was looking at Sam having panic in her eyes.

Sam tried loosening his grip off him, pushing and pulling himself, he could just make it to free his mouth off the brigand's hands, while his arms still pinned to his back.

"What do you want?", Sam shouted out at them, he was now breathing heavily with the fruitless efforts which didn't seem to work against the firm grasp of them.

"No one is allowed past these lands", the man behind Sam hissed in his ear, as if there was a snake under the turban, his voice was creepy enough, "now, it's that you have passed the limits, you gotta pay for that".

"..., dearly", The man behind Murphy added.

They laughed wickedly at them, their voices seemed to be filled with joy to have them caught, they seemed up to no good.

"HELLLPPP!", Murphy screamed in
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