13th November 1873

Hugo sat in his room anxiously looking at the fireplace and biting on his nails.

He was deeply immersed in his thoughts that the door opened and Alpha entered, he was of teen years of age which was evident from the primary adulthood that was evident from his face.

"Did you call me? Dad?".

Hugo jumped from his seat and raced towards him, standing right in front of him immediately, as if was waiting for him for long.


What's the news?

Did she agree?", he inquired.

"Dad, but she is too innocent and little.

She is afraid to take the decision of running away from the castle with me.

She wants to flee, but she is afraid", he was way too perturbed.

"What do you mean?

There are just a few days left for you both to leave the castle and you guys haven't decided it yet?", his head was boiling at him.

Alpha stood with his head hung, he was looking at his shoes, in deep torment and dismay.
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