13th November 1873

'Dear son Alpha,

I hope you could forgive me for what I have brought to the castle and eventually done to you.

I snatched from you your basic desire to live and love.

I am helpless and wrecked as much as you are.

Here I will be sentenced to death in a few days when my purpose will be over, a death where I will beg for death itself.

I'll not live nor die.

For me, a punishment is there, which I deserve truly, with I'll come out for a day on the full moon, just to die in the same way, by the serpents fang piercing into my neck.

My body will never decompose.

My son,

I am doomed forever,

I can't protect anyone anymore.

You take care of the generations of the Edward Sargon.

You know what you have to do.

Get it done as soon as it comes to you.

I know it's gonna be too hard, but you know
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