Dear Zaddy 15.

After breakfast, Solano excused himself, kissed Shola on the cheek and left. He said he us some business to take care of. Camilla was already emptying the table when Shola called her attention.

"Hey Camilla,"

"Yes ma'am, anything you need?"

"No. And please, call me Shola. Do you have any idea how long Sol will be gone?"

"Usually, it's about two to three hours before he comes back, but I can not be sure because I do leave and only come back tomorrow morning."

Shola wanted to just pop all the questions in her head out at Camilla but, she knew, it was a risky move. Camila could fall out with her if she said anything that made her look to clingy to Solano's personal life or his past. She decided to snoop about on her on the minute Camilla was out.

Thirty minutes later, the latter was gone and Shola started touring about the house by herself. At first she was a bit frightened, being alone in such a big house but, she felt better and safer when an

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