Dear Zaddy 8.

He'd just made a few calls here and there and boom! She had a tourism visa and ticket! She was travelling to Milan with her new sugardaddy. Even though it wasn't in a private jet, first class was way better than she'd expected.

She'd never been a sugar baby before so Shola had no idea on what to do. She just laid in their private lounge, a glass of Champaign in her trembling hands. She'd watch movies where people had sex on board to calm their nerves; especially during first time flights; like Beyond the Lights. She wondered if Solano would want to make love to her. But how would he if he hadn't taken his nose off his pile papers since they got on the plain. It was like she wasn't even around him. And she taught she was about to get laid on a bed of roses.

Shola just sipped in embarrassment her champagne,

Great! Just great!

It was her first time on a plane and she wasn't even that excited. Her excitement was pending elsewhere. And he wasn't even paying at

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