Dear Zaddy 10.

"What do you mean by you haven't seen her yet. She was suppose to meet you."

"Sorry sir but she hasn't. I've been waiting here for almost an hour but she, I haven't seen any signs of the lady Mr Vicenze."

Solano wiped his forehead. He couldn't quite believe it. Where could she be? He decided to call some of his associates to know if anyone had seen her but no one had. They'd all already left the venue and no one had noticed her. He tried her phone again but it wasn't going through.

"Where the hell are you Omasola?"

Solano soon joined his chauffeur who had followed his orders and met up with him. Together they drove around the city looking for her.

"...You let me know when or if she gets there," he finished talking to the concierge of the hotel they were lodged in. "Simon, can I borrow your phone?" Simon, the chauffeur gave him the phone. He tried using it to call and like magic, it rang.

"Heyy! Sup?" Her drunken voice vibrated through the ph

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