2. He Doesn't Care


Warmth and light coaxed me to awake. I peeled my eyes open and was greeted by a bright and beautiful day. I still wasn't ready to get up. My mind was still in half-sleep mode. I turned to the other side and all of a sudden my sleep just vanished.

I wasn't at my house. I was married. I was at Sumit's place or rather our place. 

I stared at the now-vacant space on the bed beside me which was occupied by Sumit last night. But where was he? Somewhere maybe. Why should I care?

I sat up and yawned. I rubbed my eyes and got out of the bed. I was folding the blanket and humming when I heard a door open and close. My eyes involuntarily landed on the figure that emerged out of the washroom.

Sumit was standing there in a white towel.

A very shirtless Sumit, might I add.

"Wha-" I squeaked, my eyes glued to his bare torso.

I am sure my cheeks were burning scarlet. His eyes widened for a second or so as well before he went into the walk-in closet and shut it. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. Jeez, I exhaled slowly to calm myself. 

Now let me tell you, my husband was a fine specimen. His hair was damp and slightly tousled, his body, which was not overly muscular but well-toned and had some nice abs was glistening with water. His towel hung low on his hip. Alright, I will stop there. I closed my eyes and willed myself to erase the image or at least tried to shove the image at the back of my brain. I was checking him out in that small span of time. Get over it. Aru, he is just your namesake husband, I reminded myself. After mini bickering between my conscience and my heart I just gave up and padded to my the washroom. 

"You are up", his rich voice came from the room as I gurgled.  "No shit", I sassed, turning to give him a deadpan look. 

He was wearing a crisp white t-shirt and denim. My eyes then landed on the digital clock on the bedside table. It read: 7:00 a.m.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" I asked. He raised an eyebrow, "I did but you were sleeping like a panda". My jaw dropped. 

"Panda? Of all animals. Okay, they are cute. But I do not sleep like them", I huffed, passing him and went into the walk-in closet. He rolled his eyes, "Whatever" and sauntered to the dresser. I picked out a simple bottle-green coloured salwar suit.  

"Now don't take your sweet time getting dressed". I looked over y shoulder to glare at him.


"And she finally decides to grace us with her presence", Rohit quipped as I approached the breakfast table, earning a smack on his forearm from Rashmi. Tia giggled and Ankush kept a neutral face. They were all chattering.

I playfully glared at Rohit and took my seat on Granny's right.

"Good morning", I greeted everyone.

Granny greeted me with a warm smile, "Good morning, we were waiting for you and Sumit".

"Here, fill up your plate", Tia offered. A plate half-filled with toasts, a bowl with boiled eggs, a jug of orange juice, a box of butter and jam jar were kept on the table. I took four bread pieces and spread butter on them. I took a boiled egg. Even they started filling their plates. 

"Where's Sumit?" Granny asked Before I could reply Sumit entered.

"Speak of the devil", Rohit muttered. "Rohit". Granny scolded. Rohit held his hands up in mock surrender. Sumit took a seat beside me after muttering a 'morning'. "Had a good night?" Tia asked me. I glanced at Rashmi who gave me a concerned look.

I nodded and smiled instead of answering. I lowered my gaze at my plate and started nibbling on the toast. How would I say that all the dressing up and the decor was useless?

"Aww, she is blushing", Tia gushed making granny chuckle. Sumit cleared his throat making Tia stop. I looked up to see him glaring at Tia and Ankush. Rohit sat there, tensed. Rashmi looked at them confusedly.





I frowned. I need to talk to him. Well if he tries to listen to me.

"Hey...Aru. You know, today the new bride makes a sweet dish for the whole family", Rashu chirped. Rohit shifted his gaze to his wife and then nodded in agreement. The tension that was present in the air lowered a bit. Granny smiled, "Yes, dear. You need to prepare a dish for the whole family".

"Granny, what's the need for such unnecessary things?" Sumit put in before I could say anything. So, he wanted to take away this right from me as well. I gritted my teeth but kept quiet.

"These things are not unnecessary, Sumit," Granny said sternly. "Yes, these are rituals which yes might be mindless and unnecessary to you but it is actually fun and don't you worry we will be there to help your wifey", Rashmi commented taking a bite from her toast.

"Does she even know how to cook?" He asked flatly totally ignoring my presence. Rashu cringed ever so slightly and Rohit looked ready to defend me. Ankush and Tia frowned. I don't know how granny reacted because I didn't glance at her.

I was furious. How dare he?

"Excuse me, you are forgetting I am present here. To answer your question. Yes, I do know how to cook", I gritted trying to control my anger.

"Now now, Suji. Please don't make my granddaughter angry", Granny warned. I smiled gratefully at her. She gave me a side hug.

"Okay then, do whatever ritual you need to. I am leaving", he said grimly and stood up.

"Sumit. It's not good to leave the food unattended", Ankush, for the first time after our arrival here, spoke to him. He hadn't touched the food. I don't know why he was so angry? Why was he acting as if this marriage was forced on him? I scoffed. This guy was really heartless. But at least he could pretend to be happy in front of everyone like he had said. Like I was doing.

Sumit glared at him, "You don't say-"

Granny cut him off, "Ankush is right. Sit down and finish your food". Sumit scowled but relented.

When he resumed his seat I whispered-yelled, "Stop acting like an arrogant prick. Think of granny. You seriously do not want to give away the secret. Sometimes you need to think about others".

He raised his eyebrows before muttering, "Well, the secret won't be revealed and I don't give a damn about what other's feel".

I did not reply. I shouldn't have forgotten that he didn't care. He did not give a damn.



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