3. Hard-hearted


My mood was sour. Courtesy to my dear

husband. "Oye, don't feel down. That arsehole's brain is empty", Rashu tried to cheer me up. I sighed and poured milk in the saucepan to heat it.

Yes, I had decided to make a sweet dish though Sumit did not look happy about it. But who cares. I definitely won't and this is for the family not for him.

I shook my head, "I hope I don't regret my decision of marrying him". Rashu remained silent. I sighed and concentrated on my cooking. Tia wanted to help but then she got an important call and had to bail from helping me in the kitchen. Being a doctor is not an easy job and honestly, if she would have stayed I wouldn't be able to grumble as freely as I could in front of Rashu.

"All going well?" Granny's voice came from the kitchen entrance. I offered a smile and nodded. "Just wait a little, granny. The best sweet dish of the year by chef Aruna Kapoor will be served during lunch", Rashu announced and did a mock courtesy making granny and me laugh.

"Okay okay we all will be waiting," granny said and left.


One might be surprised as to why the house wasn't filled with relatives. Well simply because Mr.Oaf Kapoor did not like unnecessary

people in his house. I doubt whether he liked human beings at all. So granny had arranged accommodations for them in a hotel nearby. My 'muh dikayi' (A/N: a ritual where the new bride is introduced to the other relatives and neighbours after marriage) would take place in the evening. 

After finishing my first chore I decided to explore the house, seeing that I had nothing else to do. Sumit was in his study with Rohit, talking about the business I guess. Rashu decided to go to the parlour and Tia was still busy. Ankush and granny had gone to visit our relatives who were staying in the hotel.

I walked through the corridor. The house was quite old but renovated as far as I could guess. Pictures hung on either wall of the corridor. I must say the house was well maintained. Despite the fact that most of the time they stayed in London. I came to a halt in front of a particular picture. It was a family picture. I saw Sumit and Ankush's parents and granny and I guess grandpa.

Sumit and Ankush were in the middle. Their dad standing on Ankush's left and their mom on Sumit's right. Granny was standing beside Sumit and Ankush's mom and Grandpa beside their dad.

Sumit seemed to be 8 years and Ankush I guess 11 years. Ankush's hand was wound around Sumit's shoulder and Sumit's on Ankush's shoulder. They all looked a...happy family. Then why? Why was he so bitter towards Ankush? Why did he never speak of his mom? Or his dad? What happened to turn Sumit so hard-hearted?

These questions plagued my mind.

"Why are you standing here?" Sumit's voice brought me out of my reverie. I whirled around to find him standing with his hand in his pocket. Frowning at me.

"I  was just looking at the photo", I told him pointing my chin towards the said photo. He looked at me and was about to leave when I said, "You still have some answers to give you know". He raised a questioning eyebrow. The dull anger started burning again, "Well how about you tell me why you hid the truth about having an elder brother?"

He stiffened, "That's none of-"

"-my business, yeah I guessed as much", I finished, "But I still would like to know. Plus, you treat him like shit. But look at him? He never back answers you. He never speaks to you the way you do. He is elder than you but still, he treats you well. Had I been in his place-"

But I never got to finish the sentence as I stopped seeing his eyes burned with anger. "Don't". He gritted. My mouth closed immediately. Was it too much?

"Don't ever judge people when you know nothing about them. I have my reasons. I know why he never treats me like shit", he said coldly. I was stunned. Why did he become so angry?

"Sumit I-" I started but he held up his hand. "Please Aruna", Sumit muttered before storming away. My gaze darted towards the photo again. What made you like this Sumit? What made him such a cold person?



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