5. Mistake


I stilled when his soft lips locked with mine. But then I responded. My eyes closed. I kissed him back. It wasn't a desperate one but had a slow, languid pace. My palms rested flat on his chest. I could feel his heart, beating at a fast pace. Just like mine.

His right arm snaked around my waist while his left one remained on the small of my back. His hand tightened ever so slightly around my waist, pulling me even more close, removing even an inch of distance that might have existed. His lips moulded on mine perfectly. Pleasure coursed through my body, awakening every nerve at its wake. I heard a groan but I didn't know whether it came from me or him.

And this very noise brought the sore reality come crashing down. My lips stopped moving. I lightly pushed him.  It seemed as if the truth about our relationship had dawned on him as well. Our lips unhinged from each other. My cheeks heated, I looked away from him. Even he seemed uncomfortable.

For several minutes silence prevailed before I heard him clear his throat, "I-I didn't mean to..." He trailed off. I looked at him when I saw him looking at me. I tried hard not to squirm under his gaze. I schooled my composure and met his gaze, "Sorry, even I did not mean this to happen".

"No, it's not your- he hurriedly began but I cut in, again, not letting him complete his sentence. I shook my head, "No Sumit, the mistake was from both sides. It happened in the heat of the moment. Let's just forget about it and be careful so that we don't make this mistake again".

The words just tumbled out of my mouth. I saw Sumit expression turn from being astonished to a blank one. Did I say anything wrong? I don't think so. He nodded, "That's good". Then with a light chuckle he spoke, "I thought, you would slap me. Hard".

I shrugged, "Why would I? It's not like you forced me". He grunted.

I hesitated, "I think I should go now".

He agreed, "Yeah, its quite late".

I turned on my heels and left the room.


I looked out of the window, at the night sky; devoid of stars and moon, hidden by clouds and pollution. I shouldn't have kissed him. I let out a shaky breath. My emotions seemed to be everywhere. What was I thinking? I wasn't thinking which is why I kissed him.

Why did his face turn like that when I said to him we should forget about the kiss? Was he disappointed? Why would he? After all, we weren't lovers. I sighed. Why is my life becoming like a puzzle?

Suddenly the door creaked open startling me. I turned around and saw Sumit closing the door quietly may be thinking that I was asleep. When he turned, he stopped when he saw me standing near the window.

"Couldn't sleep", I hastily explained averting my gaze.

"Oh", came his clipped reply. I sighed and closed the translucent curtains.

"Goodnight", he mumbled. I too muttered the same and closed my eyes and earnestly wished that the memory of the kiss will erase when I wake up.



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