6. Fever


I stirred a little before opening my eyes. The curtains were left open, letting the sun rays stream in the room, filling it with warmth and light.

I looked over my shoulder and was surprised to see that Sumit was still there lying beside me. fast asleep, few strands of his hair fell on his forehead, his lips were somewhat puckered and his brows were smooth. He looked so adorable. I smiled. 

Many things had changed in these past few days. I was supposed to be going to my parents' house today for the ceremony of


phera' (A/N: it is a  ceremony where newlywed couple visit the bride's house. It is a small reunion of sorts for a few hours.).They had moved from Dehra to our house in Delhi. On Sunday we would leave for London along with granny.

Our Reception had taken place the day before yesterday. It was held in one of the banquet halls in Delhi. It had been a beautiful evening with colleagues, friends and family. 

My gaze shifted on Sumit's face again.  I still failed to understand him. It was like, he was gentle and sweet at one moment then aloof and annoying at the next. Rashu even joked of him being bipolar.

I got up quietly and headed to the washroom. After taking a shower and getting ready I decided to wake up a still sleeping Sumit. That was a first because usually, he was the one who woke up first. Maybe he worked till late hours. He was a workaholic this much I had discerned within these few days.

"Sumit", I called, not so loudly. He didn't budge. I lightly shook him,  he stirred a little but did not wake up. I frowned when a sudden thought occurred in my mind.  Was he ill? I bent a little and lightly touched his forehead with the back of my palm and let out a soft gasp.

His skin was burning. He was down with fever. I shook my head. The guy can surely keep things from others. Maybe he had a fever from last night. Why didn't he tell me that he had yesterday?

Maybe because you were asleep before him... My conscience provided an answer.

"Sumit. Wake up", I called again,  gently.

This time he slowly opened his eyes. Brown orbs looked back at me. Somehow he managed to transfix me with his gaze.  His lips parted a little. We were close, not very but...

"What's the matter?" his question brought me out of my thoughts.

" were not waking up so I thought to wake you up and then found out that you have a fever", I hastily explained and then straightened up and spoke in a stern voice,  "Why didn't you wake me up last night?"

He remained quiet and yet again ignored to answer my question. I scowled at him yet could help but feel bad. Even his body was protesting for the amount of load and stress he was inflicting on himself.

I bit the inside of my cheek from reporting.

He rubbed his eyes and mumbled, "Don't worry I will just take meds and will be fine".  He sat up with a bit of difficulty as I am sure he might have felt light-headed which he tried his best to hide but the way he gripped his side of the bed tightly. 

Once he was in a half-sitting position, he asked, "Are you ready to go to your parents'? Give me a few minutes, I will get ready and drop you off before going to our office in Delhi, I need to attend an important meeting. Then I will join you, people, for lunch".

Is he for real?  He could hardly get up from the bed but he had to put up his heroic front.

He was about to get up when I stopped him. "Do not even dare to leave the bed", I commanded. He blinked and looked shocked.

I put a hand on my hip, "I am going nowhere today. Nor will you. Do not leave the bed. I am going to get Tia, she will know best about what meds are needed to be given and I will bring a bowl of soup for you. Till then lie down and take rest".

"But--" He began.

"Shut up and lie down",  I glowered at him. He looked downright annoyed but he knew that he had no choice. His bossy ways were not going to work today.

I left the room, taking my phone with me. I didn't want to disturb his sleep. I dialled my dad's number. After the 4th ring, he answered.

"Hello Aru, when are you coming dear?" came his cheerful voice. Then I heard shuffling followed by ma's voice. Before I could reply,  ma spoke,  "Aru,  is everything alright? You know today your dad bought your favourite fish and I will be cooking your favourite dish. Okay listen, does Sumit like eating prawns?"

I sighed, they were so excited but alas I would have to shatter their hopes.

"Ma...actually... Sumit has fallen ill... He has a fever... So I think I won't be able to go today", I mumbled, while slowly making my way to Tia and Ankush's room.

"Oh. Okay, I understand. Don't worry. Take care of Sumit". Even though she tried to sound normal but I could make out the lack of enthusiasm and a bit of disappointment in her voice.

"Ma, don't worry. I will be staying for two more days in Delhi. I will try to meet up for dinner tomorrow if Sumit feels better", I tried to comfort her.

"No problem. Make Sumit tasty chicken soup. You loved it when I used to make some for you", she chuckled remembering those days. Even I smiled, now I missed how I had no worries of what to cook when I was unwell,  I just had to sit and ma would bring healthy yet tasty food that lifted my spirits and improved my condition as well. I ended the call trying to reassure that I would meet her before leaving for London.

I knocked on the door of Ankush and Tia's room. I checked the time on my mobile,  it read 10:30. So it wouldn't be awkward. Tia opened the door after a few moments. "Hey, Aru. Umm...anything happened? You look worried?" Her tone was laced with worry and concern.

I offered a small smile, "Actually Sumit has a fever.  Can you check up on him?"

"Of course. Come in and give me a sec", saying this she held the door wide open,  I entered. The room was plain and simple unlike ours. I guess Ankush was in the washroom as I could hear the sound of water. I kept standing. Tia noticed this and putting her and on the hip said, "Are you a guest? No. So please feel at home and take a seat".

I chuckled and sat while she took out her stethoscope, thermometer and the blood pressure machine. We walked to my room and when I opened the door, my blood started boiling. The bed was empty and so was the room.

"Where is Sumit?" Tia asked confusedly.

I narrowed my eyes and glared at the empty space earlier occupied by that arse. Mr.Sumit Kapoor, you are so in trouble. Big trouble.


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