8. Nightmare


"98°C", I mumbled, taking a look at the thermometer. Thank goodness the temperature decreased a little. I sighed. Sumit hummed while his eyes remained shut as he rested his head against the headboard, half sitting.

"How on Earth were you standing for the most part of the day? Thank Heavens it is okay now", I all but shouted at my husband. "On my feet", he mumbled humorously.

"That was not funny at all", I grumbled and stretched my hand to the side table to retrieve the medicines that Tia had prescribed earlier in the evening. His body temperature was varying from time to time.

Granny had scolded Sumit for neglecting his health to which his demeanour was quite comical and bit adorable. He stood there like a child caught while stealing a cookie. He had looked anywhere but at granny and had repeatedly muttered 'sorry' or 'it won't happen again'.

Rashu unlike me did not hide her mirth. She had snorted making me nudge her elbow to keep quite. But I fought quite hard to keep the grin off my face. A few minutes ago Rohit had come to inquire about his health. After a nice chat, he took leave.

I took out a white pill from the packet and a glass of water.

"Sumit, have the medicine"

"Nope. Later", he mumbled in a sleepy voice.

"Not happening buddy. Will you get up or will I call granny?" I warned.

His eyes snapped open, "Do you need to call granny for everything?"

I scowled, "Well if you stop acting like a 5-year-old then I will stop as well".

He held out his hand and I handed him the medicine after which he took the glass from my hand. His fingers brushed ever so slightly with mine which suddenly made a shiver run down my spine.

What the fudge was happening? Why did my body suddenly feel like having its own mind? I shook away the thoughts and question. I looked at Sumit as he popped the med in his mouth and then took a sip of water from the glass. His eyes looked tired and his face was a bit pale. Before he could catch me blatantly staring at him, I averted my gaze.

"Done", he muttered before placing the glass on the side table. He slid under the covers and closed his eyes. I lingered a bit, sorting my stuff and then switched off the lights and went to bed. Closing my eyes I let slumber take over my senses.


I felt hot. Very hot. I peeled open my sleep-laden eyes and tried to take off the covers and move. Keyword being- tried. It was then that I realised that a strong muscled arm was tightly wound around my waist and hot breaths fanning on the nape my neck.

I stilled. I was still wary of another male touching me after the way my body had been subjected to torment and assault. But surprisingly I did not feel that panicky as I thought I would feel or I used to feel even when another male even so much as kept his hand on mine.

I slowly tried to free myself of his vice-like grip. His skin was hot and a tad bit sweaty. I tried my best not to wake him up. But to no avail. I felt a bit awkward. We did not have any romantic relationship yet here we were spooning. My stomach knotted in anxiety and my cheeks felt hot. A series of shivers - not painful ones, ran down my spine.

No, Aru. Stop it. You are not going to fall or feel anything for him. No. Nada. Nope. But despite my self-admonition, my heart fluttered. I closed my eyes and willed my heart to beat at a normal pace.

I started my attempt once again. I slowly tried to extricate myself from his hold. I was loosened his hold a little when he suddenly mumbled, "No, no, no. Don't. Please no". The words tumbling out from his mouth were a desperate plea. At first, I thought he was talking because of the fever but then I heard a sniffle.

I froze...again. Was he...?

I somehow managed to turn around, on my back and my eyes widened considerably. The lights outside the house made the room semi-visible. I could make out his features and the unmistakable glistening of his cheeks. Tears. He was crying. He was having a nightmare. Like me. But-

My thoughts were getting jumbled up and several questions came up.

Again he muttered, "N-no. It hurts."

I frowned and for some reason I felt a familiar tightening in my chest. Who had hurt him? Who? So much so that he was...crying? The next words made my blood run cold.

"Dad. Please don't do this to me".


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nice part.

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