Chapter 15

Gerald turned around as soon as he heard the girl’s voice.

He saw a tall and fair beautiful girl dressed in tight denim cropped trousers and a pair of high heels standing behind him at this time.

Her hands were on her hips as she glared at Gerald with a look of contempt on her face.

“Gerald, do you really think that it’s okay for you to rely on the student subsidy given to you by the student union when you could actually buy a luxury product worth fifty-five thousand dollars for yourself? Let me tell you something! We’re not going to include you in the school subsidy for next year!” the girl said to Gerald in a cold manner.

“Whitney, Gerald got the money as a reward for saving that young girl’s life! The young girl’s parents gave him the shopper’s card to thank him for his kindness. Why would you revoke Gerald’s subsidy? Do you really think you’re that great just because you’re the president of the student union?”

The president of the student union glared at Harper with a cold expression on her face without saying anything at all.

“What has this to do with you anyway? Don’t you know that the only reason why Gerald could actually receive a student subsidy is simply because of the student union? The reason why we fought so hard for his subsidy was because we knew he needed help! However, he actually bought a Hermes bag worth fifty-five thousand dollars for himself! Haven’t you heard the rumors that everyone is spreading around the school today?”

“You caused very serious damage to the student union because of your actions! This action alone is enough for us to revoke your subsidy!”

Whitney glanced at Gerald with disgust in her eyes. Everyone obviously knew about the Hermes bag because of Felicity’s live broadcast last night.

Moreover, Whitney was the president of the student union who was also one of the chancellor’s favorite students in the university.

Whitney Jenkins came from a very favorable family background and she was also very good at what she did. She could handle many difficult situations and since she was the president of the student union, she was in charge of almost all of the departments in the university.

All the lecturers and tutors from all the different departments were also very familiar with her.

She had the typical characteristics of a leader and therefore, Whitney did not care about someone who had no money or power such as Gerald.

However, she respected the fact that Gerald had always been very obedient and willing to do whatever she asked him to do. That was the reason why she always helped him obtain the subsidy every year.

The other poorer students in the university were all unwilling to act as a free laborer for Whitney just so they could obtain the subsidy.

This was also the reason why Harper disliked Whitney.

“Gerald, why don’t you tell me what we should do about this?” Whitney asked as she glared at Gerald.

Gerald frowned. To be honest, he no longer needed to rely on the subsidy given by the student union.

However, even though Whitney looked down on him, the subsidy he had received in the past was due to her efforts.

Gerald asked, “So, what do you want from me?”

“Alright then. Since you’re asking, I’ll make sure that you can continue receiving the subsidy if you do something for me. If you do it well, I’ll forgive you for the damage that you’ve done to the reputation of the student union!”

Whitney was referring to the fact that everyone was scolding Gerald and calling him a fool because he used the shopper’s card to buy a bag.

Whitney was filled with hatred as she thought about it.

How could this pauper be so lucky? Why would anyone give him a Universal Global Supreme Shopper’s Card just like that?

Moreover, Gerald had even given someone else the fifty-five thousand dollar Hermes bag as a birthday present!

Fifty-five thousand dollars!

If he gave it to her, she would be so much happier.

However, Gerald did not say anything to her and he did not even think of her at all! So, Whitney decided to teach him a lesson by using the subsidy as a bargaining chip.

That fool!

“What do you want me to do for you?” Gerald asked with a calm expression on his face.

“It’s actually very simple. The student union will be holding a big event next week and we need someone to clean the venue up. Therefore, I want you to clean up the auditorium for us! If you do that, I’ll continue helping you to apply for your subsidy next year! Don’t you say that I’m not looking out for you, Gerald. I think you should just skip class today. I’ve already prepared a letter for you!”

Whitney said as she threw the fake letter at Gerald. After that, she turned around and walked away in her high heels.

“Damn it! That woman is such a bully!”

Harper cursed out loud immediately.

Gerald’s roommate, Benjamin was also very furious at this time.

“Don’t worry, Gerald. I think you shouldn’t clean up the auditorium. Do you know how big the auditorium is? How can Gerald possibly clean up the venue on his own? Let’s just head to class now.”

He patted Gerald gently on his shoulder.

“But what is going to happen to Gerald’s subsidy then?”

Gerald’s roommates were a little worried for him.

After thinking for a short while, Harper finally clapped his hands:

“It’s okay! Why don’t we head to the auditorium together to help Gerald clean up the venue? Since there are so many of us, we will be able to do it even more quickly.”

“Alright then! That sounds like a good idea!”

Gerald’s roommates nodded in unison.

Gerald felt warmth in his heart.

In fact, even though Gerald had suffered so much humiliation in university for the past three years, he was still very optimistic.

This was because he had managed to meet a bunch of people he could call his brothers because of his poverty.

These were brothers who really thought of what was best for him.

However, Gerald could never allow them to get punished along with him.

To be honest, Gerald really wanted to tell them that he was actually a second-generation rich kid.

However, Gerald was afraid that their friendship would come to an end as soon as he told them the truth about himself.

Gerald felt that their friendship and concern was the true wealth to him and he didn’t want to lose that!

“Forget it. I’ll clean up the venue on my own. It wouldn’t be the first time that I’ll be cleaning up the auditorium all by myself anyway. Moreover, all of you won’t be as skillful as I am and I think you won’t be able to help out much even if you did come with me!”

After thinking about it, Gerald decided not to reveal his identity yet.

Therefore, he could only endure this for the time being.

After that, Gerald headed to the auditorium by himself.

“Gerald, why did you take so long to come here? Do you really think you’re that great just because you bought a new bag?”

Whitney started insulting Gerald as soon as he stepped into the auditorium.


Everyone who were rehearsing for the upcoming event in the auditorium burst out in laughter as soon as they heard Whitney’s words.

This was because they would be putting up a performance next week.

Therefore, Whitney decided to ask the team from the student union department to rehearse for their performance here.

“Don’t say that! After all, he could afford to buy a bag worth fifty-five thousand dollars! How can we even be compared to him?”

“Yes, you better be careful when you speak, president! Otherwise, Gerald might actually turn out to be a wealthy and powerful man who can throw money at your face!”

The group of girls looked at Gerald as they laughed out loud.

Moreover, the group of boys were staring at Gerald with an envious expression on their faces.

In fact, they were all jealous. They were jealous of Gerald’s luck.

If they had fifty five-thousand dollars, they could buy the bag and give it to their president, Whitney, instead!

Gerald turned a deaf ear to them and he did not even bother to reply at all.

After that, he picked up a broom as he prepared to clean up the mess that they had left behind.

“Go away! Do you really think you’re a wealthy and powerful man now?”

At this time, a tall and muscular boy came over as he pushed Gerald aside in a harsh manner.

Gerald nearly fell down because of him.

Of course, Gerald knew who the boy was. His name was Victor Wright and he was the vice president of the student union and also the captain of the university’s basketball team.

His family specialized in trade and he was also very rich.

He also contributed a fair share to all of the humiliation that Gerald had suffered in his three years of university life.

“Victor! Why are you here?”

Whitney was very surprised and cheered up as soon as she saw Victor.

This was because Victor was the type of guy that Whitney was interested in. He was not only tall, handsome, and wealthy, but he was also a very good basketball player.

He was the type of boy that girls would fall head over heels in love with.

At the same time, many girls from the performing team looked at Victor as they blushed slightly.

“Oh! I’m here because I went out early to modify my car today,” Victor replied as he took a sip of water.

“Car? What? Victor, did you buy a car?”

Some of the girls asked in surprise.

“Hahaha. Yes, I bought an Audi A6 just to use it for fun!” Victor replied as he chuckled.


All the beautiful girls were very impressed at this time

Even Whitney was slightly moved when she heard his words. “Is your car domestic or imported?”

In fact, it did not matter whether the car was domestic or imported because an Audi A6 was a very powerful car.

“Imported! My dad’s friend helped me to get it for one hundred thousand dollars cheaper! Hahaha,” Victor replied as he smiled.

At this time, there was a strange expression on Whitney’s face.

Moreover, Gerald, who was sweeping the floor, couldn’t help eavesdropping on their conversation when he heard that they were talking about cars.

Gerald had always dreamt of owning his own car.

He did not care about the brand of type of car as long as it was a car!

Why was this his dream? This was because in the past, Gerald would never have been able to afford to buy a car at all.

Therefore, he was very curious as he listened to their discussion.

He was very distracted at this time.

He didn’t even realize that his broom was sweeping over a girl’s feet as she sat on the rostrum.


Gerald only realized what he had done when the girl screamed out loud.
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