Chapter 19

Harper knew that Gerald was a very honest person, even if he could be a little vain sometimes.

Moreover, he knew that Gerald wouldn’t continue lying to his own brothers after the rest of the girls had already left. However, they couldn’t understand what was going on.

Did Gerald really have the ability to bring them into Wayfair Mountain Entertainment?

How could this be possible?

Gerald smiled as soon as he heard Harper’s question.

He would find out later!

“Excuse me, sirs. Will all of you continue having your meal here?”

At this time, a beautiful waitress came over to their table as she asked them in a polite manner.

Even though she was speaking in a very polite manner, she could not hide the contempt that she was feeling in her heart.

She naturally knew who would be paying the bill today.

However, she had also witnessed everything that had happened earlier and she knew that all the beautiful girls had already been brought away by Quinton and Harold.

At the same time, the other people who were dining in the restaurant at this time were also looking at Gerald, Harold, and the rest of the boys as they laughed at them.

The situation that they encountered was similar to getting robbed of their girlfriends in public.

That was also the reason why the beautiful waitress came to ask them if they wanted to continue enjoying their meal there.

“No, just pack up all the food for us. We will bring it over to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment to enjoy the food there later!”

Gerald could see the contempt in her eyes.

How could he allow Harper to continue eating in this restaurant at this time?

However, he felt that it was really a pity to waste all of the food on the table.

The beautiful waitress and the people around them almost burst out in laughter as soon as they heard Gerald’s words.

“Is this guy a fool?”

“Who do you think you are? You actually want to pack your food from this restaurant to bring over to the Wayfair Mountain Entertainment as dinner instead?”

“Doesn’t he know that Wayfair Mountain Entertainment also serves food? Hahaha…”

“I guess they’re trying to save their own pride since the rest of the girls had already left with the other two guys earlier. Hahaha. I think college students nowadays really have no sense of shame at all. They can just brag out of pride.”

The people around them continued mocking them.

Harper couldn’t help but lower his head in embarrassment.

The waitress rolled her eyes before she glanced at Gerald and said, “Alright then. In that case, may I know which one of you is going to settle the bill today?”

“Me, me, I’ll settle the bill immediately,” Harper replied in a hurry.

The dishes on the table would easily cost more than eight hundred dollars today.

That would be more than eighty percent of Harper’s living expenses for the month.

Gerald took the plastic bags from the waitress as he started packing up the food on the table.

Even though all the customers were ridiculing and making fun of them at this time, he wasn’t bothered at all.

“Sob. Sob.”

At this time, three luxury cars suddenly drove past the restaurant.

After that, the three luxury cars stopped and parked right in front of the restaurant.

“Wow! Three Rolls-Royce Phantoms!”

“Damn? Who is so incredible? One of those cars is worth almost one and a half million dollars!”

“Oh my god! Look at the car license plate!”

The license plate for all three of the luxury cars were 689. That number alone was worth a few hundred thousand dollars already!

Everyone in the restaurant could not help but look out of the restaurant and even the waitress was stunned at this time.

If the owner of the luxury cars was going to dine in the restaurant, she would run out to meet him now so that she could win some of his favor.

The waitress quickly straightened out her clothes before she strode towards the door.

She wanted to see if the owner would come in for a meal.

At this time, three people stepped out of the car. These three men were dressed in black suits and they were all wearing sunglasses and Bluetooth headsets in their ears. They really looked like bodyguards that were usually seen in a movie.

The atmosphere was very solemn at this time.

“Gentlemen, may I ask if…”

The beautiful waitress rushed forward to greet them immediately.

However, the three men did not even bother to look at her and they simply walked straight to Gerald who was busy packing up the food at this time.

“Mr. Crawford!”

The three bodyguards greeted Gerald as they bowed respectfully at a ninety degrees angle.

“What? Mr. Crawford?”

“The bodyguards are referring to this young fool as Mr. Crawford?”

Everyone in the restaurant was shocked.

Harper and the other boys were even more surprised at this time.

What was going on?

Was Gerald really so awesome?

At this time, Gerald finally finished packing up all the food.

“Guys, why don’t we get into the cars so that we can get to the manor now?”

“Mr. Crawford, please let us carry the food for you.”

The bodyguards ran over before they took the packed food from Gerald’s hand.

Harper and the rest of the boys followed Gerald out of the restaurant, as though they were living a dream.

“Mr. Crawford, please walk slowly…”

The beautiful waitress’ face was already pale at this time and she greeted Gerald in a respectful manner, while Gerald simply nodded.

At the same time, he felt a little embarrassed. He really wasn’t used to people staring at him.

The few of them quickly got into the luxury cars as they headed towards the manor.

On the way there, Harper couldn’t help asking Gerald about the situation.

“Gerald, this…what is going on?”

Gerald felt that it was still too early for him to reveal everything to them. Therefore, he simply said, “Brother Harper, I’ll certainly explain everything to you soon. Just remember that we are brothers and whatever happens to you will always be my business. I will make sure that you will not lose face today!”

Harper nodded and he did not ask Gerald anymore questions.

After a short drive, they finally arrived at the manor.

Initially, the bodyguards were also given the task of bringing Gerald and his friends around and making sure that they could enjoy all the food and entertainment in Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.

However, Gerald knew that Harper and the rest of the boys could not let loose and enjoy themselves with the bodyguards around.

In fact, even Gerald did not feel comfortable with the bodyguards around.

Therefore, as soon as they arrived in front of the entrance, Gerald asked the bodyguards to drop them off and he told them that they would like to go around the manor and have fun on their own.

“Damn! Gerald, you’re really too amazing! I can’t believe that we are really able to enter the manor today!”

Benjamin was very happy when they strolled around the manor.

“Well, I know the boss here! So, what would you guys like to do now? Tell me what you guys want to do!”

Gerald said as he smiled.

“Ahh! Gerald, is the boss that you are talking about the same person who gave you the shopper’s card before this?

“Well, I guess you could say that it’s somehow related…”

This was somewhat true because his sister, Jessica, was the one who had given him the cards and she was also the one who had introduced him to Zack.

Harper nodded immediately.

At this time, the boys were thinking of what they could do in the manor.

The entire manor was very large and it was covering half of the mountain. Even though the scenery outside the manor was really beautiful, there was nothing interesting to do outside.

The hot springs and the dining area was in fact the core entertainment center in the manor.

Since Gerald was already relatively familiar with the place, he said, “Well, let’s head inside the manor and we can eat a little before we enjoy the hot springs.”

“Erm, Gerald, I saw on the internet that they usually charge us for entering the manor and using the hot springs, am I right?” Benjamin asked out of curiosity at this time.

In fact, he would already be very satisfied if he could just play outside the manor.

However, if he could enter the manor, that would be an added bonus!

“Don’t worry about it!”

Gerald smiled. Even though his sister was the one who had opened this manor, he was still one of the owners of this place.

Everyone started to relax a little.

Moreover, they had to pass through a quaint bridge before they can get from the outer periphery into the inner periphery.

Gerald and the boys saw Alice and the rest of the girls as they were walking inside.

They were all taking pictures of themselves inside the manor at this time.

“Look! It’s Gerald and his roommates! How did they manage to enter?” Jacelyn exclaimed in surprise when she saw Gerald and the rest of the boys walking in.

At this time, Alice was busy chatting with Quinton. When she heard Jacelyn’s words, Alice frowned before she turned around to look at the direction that Gerald and his friends were coming from.

Sure enough, it was really them.

“How did they manage to get in?” Alice asked in surprise.
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