Chapter 20

“Damn it! Don’t tell me they secretly sneaked in?”

It was Harold who said that.

He was staring at Gerald and the rest of the boys with a contemptuous expression on his face.

In fact, this was the same question that was running through the few girls’ minds now.

Just think about it—what kind of place was Wayfair Mountain Entertainment? Was it possible for just anyone to enter this place whenever they wanted to?

Even someone as wealthy and powerful as Quinton had to call his father several times before his father could finally get someone to sort things out and ask the security guards to allow them in.

However, even if they could get in, they could only stay on the outer periphery of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.

“Oh my god. How embarrassing would it be if they had really sneaked in here?”

“Yes, that would be really embarrassing! If the security guards find out about them and realize that they know us, wouldn’t we get kicked out of here with them?”

The girls looked at Gerald with a contemptuous expression on their faces as they murmured amongst themselves in an anxious manner.

“Harper, how did you enter this place?”

Hayley did not speculate. Instead, she simply walked towards Harper and asked him in a low voice. She was obviously worried for him.

“We came in through the front door!” Gerald replied immediately.

After that, Harper nodded as he looked at Hayley.

“Hahaha. The main entrance? Do you think the security guards would really be that blind as to allow you to pass through the front entrance?” Jacelyn, who had been scratching her head at this time, yelled at Gerald immediately.

She vowed that if she got kicked out of this place today because of Gerald, she would definitely give him ten slaps across his face!

Ten harsh slaps!

Alice was also worried about the consequences if Gerald and his friends had really sneaked in!

Therefore, she stepped forward and approached Gerald with a stern expression on her face as she said, “Gerald, I hope you can tell us the truth now. If you really did sneak in today, then you’d better tell us in advance so Quinton can help us figure out a solution.”

“Yes! Please don’t make the situation bad for everyone!” Quinton added this sentence.

Meanwhile, Quinton thought to himself, ‘Why are Alice’s friends so weird?’


Gerald was silent as he listened to them nagging and yelling at him endlessly. He felt so helpless at this time. He had obviously come in through the front door and he was telling them the truth now.

What did they expect him to say? That he had crawled in through a dog hole?

“I’m telling you the truth. If you want to, I’ll bring you into the manor and we can all have some fun together. We can eat, enjoy a bubble bath in the hot spring, and enjoy all the other facilities here.”

In fact, the only reason why Gerald was offering to bring them in was simply because of Naomi.

At this time, Naomi was also feeling a little worried for Gerald. She was afraid that Gerald would get into trouble because of this. Even though he was offering to bring them in with good intentions, everyone stared at him as though he was an idiot.

“What did you just say? You want to bring us into the manor? Do you even know who you are? Why don’t you take a look in the mirror instead? Don’t you see the bodyguards who are standing guard outside the manor?” Jacelyn asked angrily.

“Yes! It is already difficult for someone like Quinton to bring us into the manor and you think that this is really up to you?”

The group of girls started to chatter among themselves.

“There are fourteen of us here. Even if we don’t talk about the cost of the food, entering the hot spring itself would cost at least twenty thousand dollars! Moreover, if we were to eat in the manor, it would cost us at least thirty to forty thousand dollars! It would be easier for me to make the necessary arrangements if there were fewer people here today but it’s also a little difficult for me since there are so many of us.”

Quinton looked at Gerald as he smiled wryly at him.

Alice could not help but feel moved when she heard that Quinton had already thought everything out for them. After that, Alice looked at Gerald with a helpless expression on her face as she said, “Forget it. Why don’t we leave now and come back again next time to avoid getting embarrassed if they get caught?”

“No! Why should we leave just because of this pauper?”

“Yes! Sister Alice, why should we leave? We’re finally here and I want to continue looking around the place!”

All of the girls stared at Gerald with a furious expression on their faces.

In fact, Alice had intentionally said those words as she wanted to force Gerald to leave.

However, at this time, Gerald simply smiled bitterly before he shook his head and said, “If you are willing to follow us, then you can just come with me. It’s really up to you. You can do whatever you want to.”

After that, Gerald looked at Naomi before he said, “Naomi, do you trust me? If you trust me, just follow me and I’ll bring you into the manor.”

Naomi gritted her teeth as she nodded.

After that, Gerald led the few of them across the bridge before he led them into the inner periphery.

“Hahaha! Just wait and see! Gerald will definitely get chased out later! I hope he won’t implicate and embarrass us!” Jacelyn said as she watched silently.

“That guy really has no sense of shame at all!”

Quinton also stood aside as he waited to watch the show.

However, in the next second, their eyes widened in disbelief. They had initially thought that Gerald would definitely get kicked out immediately. However, Gerald managed to get into the manor. Moreover, the bunch of bodyguards also bowed respectfully when they saw Gerald.

“What’s happening?” Quinton asked with an incredulous expression on his face.

Jacelyn was so shocked that she had no choice but to cover her mouth with her hand.

Initially, she was gloating because she thought that Gerald would certainly get beaten up. However, Gerald got in without facing any problem at all.

All the beautiful girls had a very complex and complicated expression on their faces and Alice was in utter disbelief at this time. In fact, if she had not witnessed this situation with her own two eyes, she wouldn’t have believed that this was real.

In her eyes, Gerald had always been nothing but a pauper. She also knew that Naomi had been trying to get her to build up a relationship with Gerald. However, ever since she thought that Gerald had bought Naomi a fake Hermes bag, she already had a very bad impression of him and she really didn’t like him at all. She thought he was just a boring pauper.

But now, he could actually go in and out of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment as he pleased.

It was even difficult for Quinton to bring so many people into the manor.

“Alice, what should we do now?” Jacelyn asked as she stared at Gerald and the others as they entered the manor.

At this time, Alice glanced at Quinton and Harold who were standing on the sidelines, with an inquiring look in her eyes.

Since Quinton’s father had the ability to deal with Flynn from Emperor Karaoke Bar, Alice felt that they would certainly be able to enter the manor as long as Quinton’s father was willing to help them!

Quinton had a very ugly expression on his face at this time.

It certainly felt as though Gerald had just given him two slaps across his face.

If Quinton managed to bring the girls into the manor, then he would be on equal footing as Gerald! Everything would be settled then.

What else could he do?

Quinton decided to call his father again. He really did not want to embarrass himself in front of Alice, nor did he want her to look down on him. Hence, Quinton quickly took out his cell phone before he told his father about the situation.

Quinton’s father was also someone who cared a lot about his face and reputation. As soon as he heard that someone had beaten his son in terms of money, he could not tolerate it any longer.

Therefore, he did all that he could to ensure that Quinton could enter the manor with the girls.

Moreover, he had even promised to sponsor Quinton twenty thousand dollars for his expenditure today so that his son would not lose face.

Even though it was a lot of money, Quinton’s father felt that it was necessary to save face!

“Hahaha! What’s the big deal? Let’s go, Alice! I’ll bring everyone into the manor today,” Quinton said as he smirked.

“Okay! You’re really amazing, Quinton! How could a pauper ever be compared to you?”

Jacelyn and the other girls also cheered for Quinton at this time.

The admission price for each person was one thousand five hundred dollars each, excluding hot spring services, dining, gold, and any other services.

The admission fee for the eight of them had already cost twelve thousand dollars.

“So, what if Gerald could bring them in? I think that the only thing he’s able to do is to let them look around! I can pay for everyone to go bowling today!”

Quinton and Harold winked at one another because they felt that the twelve thousand dollars that they had just spent was worth it.

If they had to, they would be more than willing to spend up to twenty thousand dollars today!

Bowling should be the cheapest activity in the manor. At least, Quinton was sure that it would definitely be cheaper than dining there!

All of them followed Quinton into the manor.

The inner periphery of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment was indeed very different from the outer periphery. All of them felt as though they had just stepped into a new world.

It was no wonder why even the wealthiest and most powerful people from other provinces regarded this establishment as a paradise. It really felt like paradise!

Alice was shocked when she entered the manor, but soon started to calm down a little.

“Ah! Guys, look! What is that?”

At this time, Jacelyn, who was busy applying her makeup as she was preparing to take a selfie, realized that there was an elegant attic above the beautiful hot spring with a waterfall at the front.

Some people were eating in the attic at this time.

The surrounding water mist evaporated around them, creating an effect that looked like rainbow bedding around them.

Everyone looking up at the attic felt as though those people were dining on the clouds.

It was extremely gorgeous.

Alice also found it really beautiful. She couldn’t help but feel envious because she really wished that she was the one eating there at this time.

“Is that the micro dining pavilion? Yes, that is the micro dining pavilion!” Quinton said in an envious tone.

“Quinton, how much does it cost to enter and have a meal at the micro dining pavilion? The name already sounds so exquisite. It should be really expensive, right?”

Jacelyn asked as she looked at the girls.

“Very expensive? It’s not just expensive. Do you know how much it costs to enter and use this micro dining pavilion? It costs forty-five thousand dollars, excluding the prices of the food!”

Everyone was shocked as soon as they heard the price.

It costs forty-five thousand dollars to enter this place?

Damn it!

Moreover, Quinton knew more about the place than the rest of them. “Moreover, even if you have money, you might not necessarily be able to eat here because you have to have a certain identity to dine here! Only the very wealthy and powerful can afford to enjoy their dinners here.”

Alice was shocked at this time.

“Hey! Look there! Alice, Quinton, take a look up there. Why do I feel as though those people really look like Gerald and his roommates?”

After staring at the group of people for a long time, Jacelyn felt as though something was wrong.

Hayley nodded before she said, “You’re right! I can see Harper from here!”

Alice felt a tug in her heart as she tried to make out the people on the micro dining pavilion alongside Quinton and Harold.

Upon closer inspection, they realized that it really looked like Gerald and his roommates.


Alice could not believe her own eyes. How could a pauper possibly afford to be up there?

It was absolutely impossible!

Ring, ring, ring.

Just then, Alice received a phone call.

It was a call from Naomi.

“Alice, why did you guys come in so late? All the dishes have already been served! I can see you! Look up here. The scenery from up here is really amazing. Why don’t you come and join us?”

Alice could see Naomi standing on the micro dining pavilion as she beckoned for them to come and join them as soon as possible!

“Oh my god. It is really Gerald, Naomi, and the rest of the boys. This…this…”

Jacelyn gulped at this time. This was unbelievable.

The expression on Quinton and Harold’s faces changed immediately. It seemed as though they would never be able to keep their heads up high today!

“Alice, let’s go up now!”

Jacelyn could not wait anymore! This was because many of the wealthy and noble people who were in the manor were already staring at them with envy.

She felt very satisfied at this time.

Alice bit her lip slightly as she said, “Yes! Let’s go up!”

She had to go up and ask Gerald what exactly was happening. Otherwise, she would definitely not be able to sleep at night!

Harold looked at Quinton with a nervous expression on his face as he said, “Brother Quinton, it seems as though that pauper is even more incredible than we thought he is. I think we should just leave instead of challenging him any further.”

Harold was already frightened because he did not expect Gerald to be this powerful.

Quinton snorted coldly as he said, “Damn it! Why are you afraid of him? I don’t believe that the pauper can actually be so powerful. Let’s go! We should go up and find out what’s going on!”
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