Chapter 21

Above the clouds, Gerald, Harper, Naomi and the rest of the boys were seated on the micro dining pavilion.

They were admiring the beautiful scenery around the manor.

Gerald also used the same answers when Naomi asked him how he had managed to do this. However, Gerald really did not expect Zack to go to this extent today. He thought that it must be really expensive for them to enjoy dining on the micro dining pavilion today.

However, as he thought about it, it was only natural for Zack to do that since the entire manor was owned by his sister and him. Gerald felt a different kind of excitement in his heart.

At this time, Alice and the other girls had already come up to the micro dining pavilion. There was a slightly ugly expression on Alice’s face at this time. After all, she had always felt that Gerald was a pauper and had always looked down on him.

However, she now felt as though she could only see Gerald’s back as she looked up at him and this made her feel extremely uncomfortab
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Fred Muriithi
very lovely ...... I love it
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Ramkumar Ramnarine
I cannot get the ads to open.
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Steven Safea
I've already fall in love with this wonderful novel, please unlock the rest for us to see how it ends

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