Chapter 22

It was over. The oil painting was completely ruined.

One hundred and fifty thousand dollars!

Everyone could not help but swallow their saliva at this time.

Only Quinton and Harold were laughing in their hearts at this time. They could not help but wonder how Gerald would ever be able to pay for the oil painting that was worth a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Even if the manager of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment owed him a favor, he would never be able to explain himself with regards to the oil painting.


“Gerald, why don’t we leave now? Anyway, we’re almost done with the food,” Naomi said in a cautious manner at this time.

If they continued staying here for another second, Gerald would never be able to pay for the oil painting!

“Oh! Things don’t look good. It seems as though someone is coming up now!”

Jacelyn pointed at the staircase at this time and Gerald also looked in the same direction. At this time, Zack was walking towards them with a few waitresses and a bot
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