Chapter 2:

As the two decided to go, hopping on the school bus with a smiling face from Lenan and a speechless frown from Konan. Well, that's quite usual for him tho. They were being welcomed by the stares and glares from their schoolmates.

Who knows if Konan can't see, right? Well, he can feel the eyes that are looking at him strangely. He couldn't help but think of something as he just bowed his head, trying to cope up with the reality that no one wants to befriend a blind kid. What misery.

"Konan? Are you okay?" Lenan asked, noticing his friend's doomed face. He reached out his hand as he gently guided him to sit. "Here... Sit... Oh, come on buddy! Don't give me that look. Gosh, you're ruining your cute face!" He said as he let his fingers make their way to his buddy's hair to fix while patting his shoulder.

"Oh come on! Give me a smile! Don't worry, let me handle these bitches." He said, turning his face to the said bitches' direction. Yes, he knows and he can literally hear them blabbering some words with profanities. So, he heaved a sigh and smile as he clicked his tongue.

"Hello there, you whores. If you just want someone to get you guys laid, don't just stare there and ask your Mommas if they really raised you well." He bluntly said as he savored the amused look from them. Well, who said Lenan can't be mean. He's pissed and it is their freaking first day that he woke up so early only to be pissed by these bitches.

"You see that, buddy?... Oooh... Right... I remember you're blind but do you perhaps want me to drag them to you and staple their mouths? Cause jeez, these bitches need to get their own life." He asked, smiling when he noticed the returning smile from his friend, Konan.

"Yes, I'm pissed! And don't even ask why."

"Oh God, no need to! You're scarier than I thought!" Konan said, remembering the times when Lenan got mad that he even punches the burglar's face because he said that his best friend looked like a lesbian. He couldn't blame the burglar because Lenan is such a small guy with smooth skin and brown locks.

"Oh by the way, where's Blake?" He asked when he noticed that his so loud and cheerful friend wasn't with them last night.

"Oh, that kid! He said he's on his way to the school. And oh, look we've finally arrived!" He said when the school bus parked on the side. He immediately grabbed their backpacks, looking at his wristwatch, they decided to stand up when they finished checking some stuff.

As usual, he pulled his friend by his wrist and immediately got out of the bus. He can't help but let his jaw drop at the sight of the majestic looking school, standing in front of his face.

"Oh yeah... Seems like this school is really that huge." Lenan says as he hands up the phone and decides to call his brother. Much to his likeness, his brother immediately picked up.

"Oh hello, Blake. Where the hell are you? We're waiting in the hallway. Oh yes yes he's fine, right. he's with me."

[ Oh Lele, wait. Let me just handle this shi*t. ]

"Huh? What's with you? You sound like a troubled man like you really are. well, go ahead and can you please hurry cause we're going to be late and just to remind you, We need to talk to the principal first!" He said, mocking through the phone. Well, who wants to be late for their first class right?

[ Can you see Chris there? He's looking for you guys! ]

"Huh? What do you mean? And who's that guy, huh? Wait... Don't tell me—

[ Oh Lele, cut the crap! And don't even think of that shi*t cause Nah! And he's one of our childhood friends for Pete's sake and he's just going to pick you guys up! ]

"Okay?... Why are you so defensive and is that him? That tall one? Yes yes... Oh gosh, What's with him... Why is he so tall." He said as he noticed the said tall guy, probably looking for them.

[ Just follow him cause I'm on my way to the principal's office, bye! ]

"Uhmm... Okay... Do we really need to follow this one... Hey, Konan. He's abnormally tall. Do you think he's nice?" Lenan asked cause he's having a hard time, deciding on how stupid they will look besides that giant guy.

"Well I can't see him so I will be fine with him and it's not like he's going to strangle your neck, right?" Konan said as he heaved a sigh.

"Oh well, you're right. Come on let's just get over with this shi*t and just greet him then follow him cause I really don't want to be late." Lenan said, pulling his friend to his direction and he raised a brow when another tall guy appeared from God knows where.

"You sound like you're going to snatch the honors, huh?" Konan teased his side and just let his friend pull him because he can't see the way tho.

When they reached the two guys standing beside the polls, he heaved a sigh and just forced a smile. This can't be awkward. He thinks. He decided to wave his hands and greet him.

"Good morning, Mister. Are you Chris?" He asked, still wearing his smile.

"Mister? What are you saying? Woah, I can't believe this. Drop that act, Lenan. Don't you remember me? And who's that Mister, huh? I'm Chris Clarkson, just to remind you of my real name." The tall guy said as he watched his amused face and probably embarrassed for not recognizing him earlier.

"Chris, hmmm... Oh right! You're that fat kid who was running all naked at your house! Where's Ken? How is he now?" He burst out laughing when he finally remembered him "Oh look at you now! Jeez, how did you grow too much and we're here stuck at our midget height. And, oh! Who's with you? Who's this another tall one?" He asked, raising a brow and looking at the said tall one.

"Well, let me just introduce him to you guys, and oh is that you Konan?" He asked when he noticed the familiar latter who's now bowing his head at embarrassment. He fumes when he sees how he's feeling uncomfortable.

"He can't see you, Chris. He's blind and doesn't even think of asking him cause yeah, We just want to forget about that." He explained when he noticed his friend clutching his hand, probably getting uncomfortable.

Shivers are starting to flow on his skin as the bitter memories of them pushed their way to his veins. He almost gagged at the bitterness of its feeling. Thanks to his friend who managed to stop them from digging again.

"Oh okay. If you say so..." Chris said as he heaved a sigh and decided to lift up their moods by "Oh, hmm... Before I forgot to introduce this one... This one is Simon. And Simon, this is Lenan, my friend, who almost forgot me and this one is Konan." He said and smiled.

"Well, hello there Simon." Lenan greeted only to receive a nod from him.

"Let's go? Cause we're just wasting our time here, aren't we? And oh, Chris where's Blake?" He asked. And the bell rings meaning, the class is about to start so he's just like "Oh my God. Let's go to that principal's office and get this shi*t finish. Gosh, I said I don't want to be late." He said as he proceeded to walk, stomping his feet with him, pulling Konan to cope up with the way.

As the four of them made their way to the Principal's office only to find an empty chair and tons of papers, paperwork to be exact. Lenan can't help but groan at the frustration and eventually stop when a door from the other side we're being open, popping out the face of an amused looking principal.

Lenan patiently waited for him to sit down and he suddenly cleared his throat and when he finally decided to ask, he sat down at the front seat, the same goes to the three.

He almost asked the principal but he was being stopped when his phone rang.

"Just answer it, Len, we will handle your schedules and books," Chris said, giving him an assuring smile. Well, Lenan doesn't have a choice because who Knows if that call is an emergency. Leaving the office and raising his phone as he answered the call, call from his brother.

"Hello, Blake!? Gosh, you really need to call at this time? What is it?" He asked through the phone, only to receive a coughing sound from the other side.

[ Lele... Can you... Can you go to the restroom please. ]

"Are you okay? Wait are you that coughing guy from this restroom 614?" He asked as he followed the sound coming from the phone.

[ Yes, I guess... I'll hang up now..." ]

He can't stop the increasing pound of his heart by the tone of his brother. He clearly knows that it was just a cough but he can't help but feel his heart beating so loud that it can shatter with its own racing. He made his way to the restroom only to find his brother, still coughing at the sink. Once he gets near to the sink, his eyes get even blurry by the tears forming on its surface. The color of crimson came back. A tear suddenly escaped on his eyes as his brother looked at him with a terror fear on his face.

"Lele... This... This can't be... No... W-Why is there b-bloods..." Blake said. His body now shaking when he felt like going back to his 8-year-old self as he was being hugged by his brother who's now rubbing his back and mumbling some words.

"Shhh... It's okay Blake... Don't mind it and try to calm down... You have me... It's nothing that you can't handle... I am sure..." He said, turning the faucet on as it's water found their way to the sink, rinsing the drops of blood that's lingering from the ground.

"Does your stomach feel hurt? Are you feeling dizzy? Blake, tell me..." He asks while caressing his brother's cheeks. He's not receiving any response but a sobbed from the latter.

"Lele... I... I don't... I don't want to go back there... They said I'm okay, right?... Right... I don't need to go there..." He furiously said as he pulled out from the hug and looked at his brother. "M-Maybe this is just a normal nosebleed... Right?... Lele... I don't want to go there, please..." He said, shaking his head when he noticed what his brother wanted to.

"Lele... I... I don't want this anymore! Please... Make it go away... Lele... I'm scared..." He's now panicking and starting to pant as the sobs worsened that made him struggle to breathe. Beads of cold sweats are forming on his forehead and his breath is now ragging.

"Blake, listen to me!... Are you feeling dizzy? How long?" He said with a warning tone and he received a nod from him. Yet, he's still sobbing. "Turn around. Let me check your back..." He said but the latter hesitated so he forced him to. He pulled him to the open stall and immediately took his brother's clothes off. He was taken aback when he saw some purple marks that have nearly turned to black.

"Oh my God..." A gasp broke its way out from his mouth when he saw the marks are now almost uncountable. "Blake... Why didn't you tell me about this earlier?! Why did you let this happen to you?!" Tears escape on his eyes as he clutches at the stall. His world turned upside down as he glanced at the purplish marks.

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