Never did the nine-year-old boy thought of waking up in the cream beige colored room with a pile of operating stuff and machines with the sound of buzzing and beating monitors was an option. He never wanted to leave his mother alone. He never agreed to come with his monstrous father that led them to an accident, but what can he do if he was just a small boy with nothing but tears streaming down to his face. He never wanted to lay on the hospital's bed and be a weak one but, what can he do if it was destined to happen.

"Honey... W-What do you want for dinner?" The woman says strongly as he noticed his son moving. you can see the fear and misery from her eyes as the tears streamed down to her face. She decided to be strong for him.


happening...W-Where are y-you?" The boy stuttered at the strange feeling, he already blinked his eyes for a couple of times but only to find nothing but darkness. He even rubs his eyes hoping that it was just a normal thing so, He shakes his head as he let his hand touch the fabric that was covering him. "Eomma... Why can't I see you... Hurts.. my head hurts... It hurts..."

The woman beside him, his mother to be exact can't help but hug her crying son. She can't help but feel broken even more just by seeing the sight of her only son, losing his sanity. She can't imagine his picture of being blind but it already happened and she's blaming herself for that.

"Shhh... Honey, don't worry. Everything will be alright... Eomma is here now... I will never leave you to that bastard again..." She said, mumbling some comforting words as he rubbed the back of her son who's now a sobbing mess.


"Where were you guys, huh? Len?" Konan asks. confused when he heard the two walking towards them. "We're literally late for our first subject, Our first subject." He added, mocking at his friends.

"We were just Uhm..." Lenan says, trying to compose an excuse. He doesn't know how to start. "We were just---"

"From the canteen! We... We were just looking for snacks for lunch." Blake immediately said, not knowing that he raised his voice a little higher than normal. "Right, Lele?" He said, motioning his head for his brother to just agree.

"Oh yes... Right... He felt hungry so he asked me to accompany him to the canteen..." He said, decided to just agree with his brother while crossing his fingers behind him. Well, weird habits.

"Anyways, where's Chris and Monie?" Blake asked, hoping that konan will just brush it and buy his excuse. He can't tell konan the truth, not now that he's smiling again.

"They went to their practice, probably basketball practice," he said while nodding his head. "I never knew that one is into the sport and who's that Monie?" He asked, raising his brow.

"Well Chris used to be the captain on their team but Monie dethroned him when he won on their competition last year. They are the center of their team, they're great, right?" Blake answers quickly, not knowing the amused look by his brother, Lenan. "And oh! Monie is Simon, well, I used to call him Monie cause why not. It's cute tho." He added.

"Gosh, you really have a weird pet name there, blake," Lenan says sneakily while poking his nose. "You should stop that pet naming stuff cause they will think that you're fanboying them." He added when he noticed the lookers-on them.

"Well, you're right but Nah! I won't cause that's one of my charms." He shakes his head as he averts his eyes on Konan's face. "And oh! Just to remind you, my lovely brother, I'm the one who made that "Konie" nickname right? and that became a bop."

"That's because we're best friends, Blake. And we grew up in the same neighborhood. We even slept on the same bed." Konan said, contradicting his friend.

"Okay okay! Gosh... You really need to team up against me." He pouted cutely. "But Nah, I won't stop cause I said so." He said, shutting their mouths as the fine-looking man wearing a nice black suit and a classic red tie entered the room.

The room was almost filled with squeals and whisperings as the fine-looking Professor made his way to his wooden table. He stands still after he finished settling his case as he glances at the almost chaotic room.

"Good afternoon class. I'm your professor for the whole year and oh before I forgot, I'm Zhang Yanz. Just call me Mr. Zhang." He said, introducing himself as he let the students left their faces with awes. He's used to this kind of impression. He's a dead gorgeous man who happens to love psychology class and he's perfectly-known for being modest with his cold stoic face when he's calmly thinking but, could easily steal everyone's heart if he spares a smile that can beat the sunshine. His eyes are suddenly landed on a student who has two seatmates with his sides. A scoffed broke its way from his throat and not a minute, he's already on the front.

"Student 14, please sit here..." he said. His hands are motioning to the first row with three tables and chairs.

"Yes, Sir... Um, Sir..." Said the student. He almost stuttered when he spoke. His hands are shaking a bit. Not when he's looking at the almond eyes that staring coldly at him.

"Yes? What is it?..."

"Can my friend sit beside me?..."

"Why is that?..."

"Um, he can't see. I need to guide him..."

"Okay, there's actually three seats there. Let the two of them sit beside you..."

"Yes, sir!..."

"Okay, students. Let's start the lesson..." He stated. Hands are tucked into his pocket.

They started their day with introductions and orientations for the class. The majority of their introduction didn't come easily. Why? Just imagine a blind kid just popped up in the room telling that he's going to study with them. But Much to the Professor's kindness, he didn't let the immature students conquer his knowledge as he explained how a blind kid can cope up as long as he wants. What a great man he is.

The day just flows as great as it seems, talking about mental sickness and emotions. Explaining some important precautions. It just passes quickly with the sound of bell ringing and taking some notes that can be needed to look on...


They decided to go to the cafeteria near their building, seems like a long walk, thanks to their short legs and bow down to the hugeness of their school. The autumn was blinded with the orangey rays of the sun as the intoxicating winds are starting to touch the surface of the trees. After a good ten minutes of walking, they made their way to the near table and decided to sit and eat there. Guiding Konan to sit carefully as Blake immediately spotted Chris and Simon with their jerseys still on, he waved his hands for them to be able to notice his appearance cause he's just something like 5'6 tall while the other two are six-footers.

"Hey, Chris! Monie! Come here, eat with us!" He shouted, pointing at the extra chairs...Much to his likeness, they immediately followed him. Sitting at their chairs.

"Woah, you look so cool with your new jersey..." Blake says while showing his famous smile that can put shame on the brightest sun.

"My jersey is new too..."

"Hey, Monie! You look cool too! Oh, come on, we know that lots of ladies are head over heels with you!..."

"I don't care about them..."

"Whatever you say, Mr.Simon...." Chris chuckled. He's soaked with sweats because of the basketball practice.

"Thanks, Blake... What do you guys want to eat?" Chris asked, pulling out his wallet. "Come on it's on me." He added.

"Uhmm, no thanks. I prepared for our lunch, here... Want some?" Lenan said, not agreeing to be treated for food.

"Oh really?... I miss your cookies tho. Do you have cookies there?" He said willingly cause, he's starving due to their practice.

"Oh yes, here... Hey hey hey, Konan! You need to eat a lot! Don't even think of separating those veggies!" He said when he noticed his friend still not eating. "Look at you! You're so skinny!... Here eat this! You need this" He said, adding some vegetables on the latter's plate.

"Okay okay, I'll eat it. No need to feed me, Len!"

"Here, I bought you guys a bubble tea..." Simon said, handing the tray of bubble teas on their table.

"Thanks, Monie!..."

"You're welcome, Blake. Always..."

"How's your first subject?..." Chris asked. He fished a stake on Konan's plate. "Here, eat this..."

"Thanks..." Konan smiled. A blush was obviously evident on his cheeks.

"That doesn't answer my question though..."

"Um... It was fine, so far... I guess..."

"Ugh, it wasn't... Those bitches are sticking their noses onto our business. Thanks to the handsome Professor, he saved us..." Lenan scoffed.

"Handsome, huh?...." Chris said. His brows are furrowed with his deep voice, screaming mock.

"Well, yeah. He has a pale complexion, brown almond eyes, thick brows, and nice lips... He's freaking tall too. I wonder how you do that." Lenan said.

The three of them except konan, noticed Blake scrunching his face and being so quiet, well that's not normal for him to be quite mute as Lenan saw him clutching his hand through his stomach. He's becoming more worried when he noticed the pale complexion of his brother. But, someone had noticed him. More like a giant one.

"Hey, Blake... Are you okay?" Chris can't help but ask his friend. "You look so pale, are you sick?" He asked, leaning his calloused hand as he touches the latter's forehead to check his temperature.

"No. Yes, I... I'm fine." Blake frantically said, shaking his head. "Don't worry, it's just a stomach ache." He said but he himself can't take the pain that's shooting on his stomach as he lets out a groan. 'Fuck, it can't happen here' he thinks.

Decided to just ignore it, They just continued to eat but his brother lenan knows that his brother is hurting at the moment. He can tell it just by his facial expression. He knew his brother like the back of his hand...Once they finished eating, Chris and Simon excused themselves for a shower cause who wants to stink on their classes with their bodies soaked with their sweats, right? And they actually have a good 30 minutes to prepare for their last subject.


After a good three hours, their brainstorming class finally ended so they called it a day... Bidding their goodbyes as they made their way to the gate of the school... The three of them decided to go straight ahead to their house, arguing about what will konan cook for the night. He's blind but I bet that he can win your heart just by his cooking skills. Well, He's the best cook for them...

The Intoxicating air is now gone, replaced with a breezy one. The leaves are flying around the surface until it reaches the cemented ground. The sun is starting to leave the sky, looks like it's going to fade soon as the dim light of the moon is now reaching the ground. The lately busy school is now starting to be filled with silence as the students leave their buildings.

"A great day it is! We just had psychology and an English on the same day, Great! Really Great! It was so great that I wanted to just sleep in the room." Lenan says while massaging his temples.

"No, it wasn't... I don't like those subjects! Is there a music subject here?! Ooih! I don't think my brain will last a month with those subjects..." There's blake's rant. He's indeed exhausted.

"Hey, Blake..." They heard Konan scoffed.

"Yes, Konie?..."

"Does your stomach still aching? I felt your hands shaken later..."

"Not anymore... Don't worry, I'm fine..."

"Yes! Don't worry, Konan. He just ate a lot..." Lenan said. His arms are snaked at Konan's elbow as he guides him.

"What do you guys want to eat tonight?" Konan asked.

"Ooh, that's the question I'm waiting for!"


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