The two little kids with a happy yet cheerful gaze found their way on their friend's house under the bright blue sky with beautiful scenery surrounding it. A beautiful mansion to be exact. They managed to go at the same exact planned time for their best friend's eight birthday party, sorry not sorry but they can't miss it for the world.

As the ten-year-old Lenan who's now grinning at his seven-year-old brother made it to the mansion's gate, he waved his hands on the guards, giving them a genuine smile with a "Good morning angels" due to the fact that they're already familiar with the guards, same goes for the maids... They're well known for the workers because of their mother, being the head housekeeper for the Jungs.

Once they entered the main door, they immediately ran to the kitchen, exactly to their mother's spot. The kitchen is one of the working places for Yeri because of the trust that was given to her to help manage the foods and desserts, the same goes for appetizers and drinks.

Well, Their mother is very well known as the best of the best cook of all time, so why finding a jade when they already have a diamond, right?

Once they entered the kitchen, the smell of different varieties of foods welcomed their nostrils with a beautiful woman on their front who's smiling on them with open arms... They immediately jump at their mother to give her a warm hug as Lenan noticed that someone's missing.

"Mama, where's baby Sky? Can we play with him now?" He asked only to receive a smile from his mother Who's now carrying his younger brother, Blake, swinging their body side to side while humming a random song. "Yes, you can, baby. And don't worry he's playing with konan at his room." She responded while showering her son's face a kiss.

"Can we go to him, Mama? It's his birthday, right? Look! I have a present for him." Lenan said, showing his handmade bracelet to his mother.

"Me too! Mama! Look! I will give him a lollipop." Blake says cheerfully while popping out the lollipop from his mouth, receiving a chuckle from his mother.

"Ewww, Blake! You're going to give him that! Is that even edible? Ewww, that's so nasty!" Lenan burst out laughing when he saw his brother drying the lollipop by using his tee.

"Here! It looks new now!" Blake says proudly at his now dried strawberry flavored lollipop.

"Oh bless these kids. Come on, Go upstairs now! Konan probably waiting for you guys!" She said, putting her son down while kissing their cheeks.

"And Blake, make sure that your lollipop is still packed!" She added, chuckling at her son's cuteness as the two runs immediately, disappearing at their mother's sight.


"Hey, Lele! Konan! Look! I invited Chris and Monie to come here and guess what!?" Blake says loudly while running at the living room of their shared apartment. "He said yes! But that's not the thing, he said they're going to eat with us!" He exclaimed while dancing at his victory.

"What?... Wait... Did you just invited them without asking me!?" Lenan asked as he gave him a glare only to receive a nod from his brother. "Oh God help me with this stupid brat!" He said as he facepalms.

And there's Blake just smiled, brushed and ignored him as he made his way to konan who's just listening to them. "Hey, Konan..." He shakes his shoulder while giving him a smile. "You're okay with them, right?" He asked, receiving a nod from his friend.

"It's fine... I can cook for dinner." He simply gave a nod and says "Help me prepare the ingredients and some pieces of equipment." He said, standing up with a little help from Blake.

"Can you cook some chicken, konie?" Blake asked, guiding his friend to the kitchen "well, Kenny requested that chicken and he'll buy me ice cream in return. Great, right?" He added and stopped when he saw konan furrowing his eyebrows.

"Who's that Kenny now? You said it's just Chris and that Simon, huh?" Konan asked, crossing his arms. Well, he's not okay with another stranger barging to his house.

"Oh right, don't you remember Ken? The kid you used to bully before?" Blake said as he looked at his friend's confused face so he continues "he's one of our childhood friends too!" He added, hoping that he'll remember him.

"You mean ken?... The one with tanned skin?" He asked when he remembered someone.

"Yes, it's Ken!... Kennard is his real name and I made him a nickname which is Kenny." He said while putting the ingredients at the sink.

"Oh okay, that's pretty cute tho..." Konan said as he touched the meat, marinating it with his recipes "Lele! Can help me prepare the table?..." He shouted.

"Sure thing, konan! I got you!" They heard Lenan shouted from the dining room.


They managed to prepare the dinner and the table and decided to take a shower before eating cause they feel so sticky after the long day... Once they finished showering, they changed their clothes into comfortable pajamas and sleeping clothes. Walking down to the stairs, they heard the bell rings.

"I got it!... Lele, guide him to the kitchen." Blake said as he made his way to the door. Looking at the screen monitor, he saw the three guys standing at the front. Pressing the button, unlocking the door, he immediately welcomed the three and lead them to the dining room.

"Thanks, Blake! Here are your notes..." Chris said, reaching his hand out to Blake as the smells of chicken and random dishes welcomed them.

"Wow... I can literally smell the chicken. Here's your ice cream, Blake!" There's Ken said. the said tanned skin guy, says happily as he let his nostrils be filled with the smell of his favorite chicken.

"Monie, Come here! Don't just stand there like a poll! Oh, Come on, don't make me drag you to the dining room!" Blake said, looking at his so ever silent friend with a stoic face. Well, that's his charm tho.

The four of them made their way to the dining table as they sat on their seats. They can't help but left in awe when they saw the dishes that made them starved even more.

"Wow... Who cooked these dishes?" Ken can't help but asked as he swallowed the lump forming on his throat.

"It's konan's specialty! Come on let's eat, I can't wait!" Blake exclaimed when he noticed his stomach is growling so loud.

All you can hear at the dining room was the sound of the clicking of their plates against the utensils while mumbling some compliments. As for Konan, he just let his head be filled with their praises and cheesiness at the mouthwatering food all made by him... Once they finished eating, they decided to help, clean, and wash the dishes...

And as for Blake, he won't let the surrounding eat them with boredom so while rubbing his tummy, he thinks of something great to do. He let his eyes scanned the living room then a smirk made it's way on his face as he finally found the solution.

"WHO WANTS TO HAVE A MOVIE MARATHON!!!" he shouted, walking at the center. Well, who wouldn't want a movie marathon, right?

"Ooh, that sounds good... What do we have here..." He heard Lenan said, shuffling the list of their mini theater.

"Can we watch that avenger..." Simon said, "that civil war one..." He said, pointing at the said one, "What?..." He asked when he noticed the looks he's receiving from the four, well most likely from three cause Konan can't see.

"Oh, nothing... I almost thought that you can't talk, you know." Lenan said, looking amused at him, "well... We can watch it..." He said as he presses the click button to start their movie marathon thing...

"Wait a minute, I'll make popcorns!..." Blake squeals.

"Be careful, Blake! You might trip your foot! Do you really need to run?!... Oh, God, help me with this kid..." Lenan shouted. He fishes his phone from his pocket as he types some messages and it immediately rang. "Hello, Yes yes... Okay, Sure... I'll see you there...Yes, he's fine. They're fine, I'm with them...Okay, bye..."

"Konie! Can you go with me?..." They heard Blake shouted. Something on his voice that yells he's scared.

"Here we go again..." He sighs while shaking his head.

"Konieee! You need to accompany me here!... You offed the lights!"

"It wasn't me, Blake! It was Lenan! And there's no way I'll go there without you, guiding me!"

"I will! Here, just go with me... There might be cockroaches there!" Blake says as he snakes his arm unto Konan's elbow.

"Blake, why are you shaking?" Konan asked after he felt the arm that holding his elbow shakes. His brows are furrowed with his ears enabled.

"Konie... There's--I saw s-someone standing at the front d-door..." Blake stammered. He's indeed shaking a bit and you can really tell that he's scared.

"Inside? You mean, you saw someone inside our unit?..." Konan says while toning down his voice. He knows that if he raised his voice and there's really someone barged inside their unit, then they're over.

"Konie... I saw him on the screen monitor... I tried to shoo him away but he just keeps on standing there..." Blake said.

"Let's check it. I'll talk to him..."

"Okay, let me just breathe..." Blake says while tapping his chest to accommodate his almost punching heartbeat that it might break his chest. Not a minute, they're already standing in the front door.

"He's not here anymore. Finally, I can now breathe evenly." He huffed an air as heaves a deep sigh but there's something caught his attention, outside. "Is that a bear? A teddy bear? Ooh, there's a plushie here! Maybe that was just one of my secret admirer. Oh my God!" He gasped.

"Aish, you just wasted my time... Come on, go get that plushie and let's get back to the movie..." Konan said. He's smiled at the sudden burst of his friend.

"Well well well... How cute you are, little plushie! I'll give you a name... How about bear? Ooh isn't that a pretty name? A pretty name for a pretty plushie..."

"Oh yeah... That's a good name... Really hard to think, right? Bear..."

"Let's go get the popcorns! I will put you in my room, bear! I won't be lonely tonight!" Blake cheers while clapping his hands.

The movie flows as good as they expected it to be, not until Blake starts singing the OST. Well, he has a beautiful voice but who on earth sings at the movie, right... As the movies passed by, they didn't notice the time as they continued to watch and watch not knowing the sleeping Konan on his couch. He decided to sleep cause he can't see the movie anyway so why not, right?...

The three giant guys, including Chris, Simon, and Ken ended up sleeping on the fluffy rug... They decided to go but the weather didn't agree as the skies rain so heavy. Well, it's raining cats and dogs... Much to their likeness, they didn't have to ask Blake when he was the one who keeps insisting on the idea of a sleepover.

As much as Lenan's wanted to wake Konan, he can't cause he looks so peaceful on his deep slumber. Nonetheless, he decided to get the extra pillows and blankets to avoid catching a cold...

His eyes suddenly avert its look on his brother Who's still up, smiling at him. He knows that smile is not the smile he wants to see. He never wants the smile coming from his brother, a smile that consists of sadness.

The tears forming were the thing that affects all of a sudden as he blinked the salty water on his eyes and immediately hugged his younger brother. Yet, he still manages to speak,

"Lele, I'm so happy, you know?..." He murmured quietly. He tried to compose it strongly but it didn't come up as he wanted to.

"No, you're not..." Lenan said as he brushed his brother's soft locks, still hugging him, "Drop that act... You don't have to act cool with me, don't have to lie... I'm your brother, right? you really think you can lie on my face?" He added.

"I really miss her... I miss her hugs..." Blake says as he cried on his brother's hug, "Lele... I really miss her... And baby Sky... He's still nowhere to be found... I don't think I can do this... I don't think I can do t-this without them..." He cries silently.

"Hey, Blake... You know I miss her too, right?... I really do... But we can't change the past..." Lenan said, rubbing the back of his brother, "don't worry... We can still find Sky... And besides, I'm still here, r-right?" He said, slowly swaying their body.

"But I'm s-scared... Lele... What if I didn't m-make it this time?... I don't want to d-die..." Blake stuttered, "I don't want to... Lele, I want to see him again..." He cried, silently.

"Blake, listen... Listen to me!... You... You need to be strong... Please be strong for me and for us..." Lenan says as he caressed Blake's face only to find his tired eyes, probably tired from crying,

"We will fight together, okay? Don't worry about the bills. I can manage... Blake, please be strong... You can do this again. You're now stronger than Before, you can do this..."

"What if I didn't? Lele... I'm tired--"

"Shut up! You can't do that... Let's just sleep for now... Tomorrow... We will go to the doctor..." Lenan said, glaring at his brother.

Lenan Forced himself to sleep but every time he closed his eyes, it hurts him even more. Just imagining his brother, laying on the operating room can crush him even more... Nonetheless, he still needs to be strong. He doesn't want to be weak, not this time. This time His brother needs him the most...

As for Blake, he immediately drifts off to sleep. He's pretty tired from the exhausting day. One thing sure is, he needs to be strong for the sake of his brother. He still needs to find their youngest brother. They'll still find Sky.


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