-Treasured love-

"Lenan! Let's play there! Konan! Come on! Blake! Hey Ken! Come here!" The nine-year-old Chris shouts happily, pointing his fingers on the playground's direction which they gladly obeyed...

That's what they always do. Visiting their friends, banging on each other's house, and bringing their toys at the playground. It was an afternoon in December when they decided to have a mini picnic on their favorite spot...

Little Chris happily brought his ball and a small gallon of strawberry flavored ice cream with Little Ken who managed to bring a bucket of fried chicken, cooked by his mother. As for Lenan and Blake, they only got the blankets and their toys with little Konan having their lunch, all cooked by their head housekeeper or should I say the mother of Lenan and Blake.

They managed to settle all the things that will be needed as they layered the grass with the blankets with their toys...They happily proceed to eat as they happily munch their foods with little Chris cracking his jokes which he received a hard laugh from his friends...

They gladly cheered for Blake when he started singing his favorite song... As for Lenan who couldn't hold back his laughs when he heard Konan teasing Ken by his teddy bear designed cardigan, paired with a teddy bear designed PJ...

That was the first picnic that became the most memorable for them... When they finished eating, little Chris and Ken decided to play basketball as Lenan and Blake decided to lay on the grass under the three with konan as they savored the incredible happiness they're feeling at the moment. They were looking in the forming clouds in the sky, they can't think of anything else when they don't have anything to wish for.

"Lele, what will you do when you grow up?" There's little Blake asked all of the sudden, looking at his brother, "I will be a great singer someday!" He cheered, raising his hands on the air as he thinks of the crowd, shouting his name.

"I want to be a reporter someday!" The ten-year-old Lenan said, "how about you Konan?" He asked, looking at his best friend.

"A chef! I want to be the greatest cook like aunt Yeri!" Konan exclaimed, "I want to make delicious foods as your mother does!" He cheered.

"Can you cook for me Konnie!?" Blake asked, "I want to eat your dishes someday! Please, make ice cream, okay?" He said, laying on his stomach as he watches the ants.

"Sure! I will!" Konan exclaimed, "how bout you Lele?" He asked, waiting for Lenan response.

"I will eat everything you made!" Lenan happily cheered, "I'm sure you'll be a good cook someday!" He said, looking at the clouds.

They were just a little but you can't make their dreams away from their minds. They always talk about what they wanted to be someday. They were so happy every time passes as they savored the happiness from them.

They were so innocent that none of them would mind sleeping beside each other. What a great life for them, but who knows if the pictures of them will last forever. Who knows what will happen to their peaceful yet strong bond...


The weekdays passed as great as they expected it to be. Each day passes in a swift that any of them were already used to each other's schedule.

As for Lenan and Blake, they already decided to tell Konan about Blake's important check-up. Well, it didn't come out easily as they wanted it to be as they immediately noticed the frown on Konan's face but they can't tell that he doesn't care.

Well, he's beyond nervous that he even managed to ask her mother for money which she gladly did. Thank the heavens for her kindness for them. Well, she's always been an angel to the kids.

It's on the Saturday morning in October when the three of them decided to make an appointment for his check up on Apgeujong Hospital where Konan's mother is very well known for being one of the biggest yet kind-hearted donor. They agreed to go back to the city to clarify Blake's state...

They're having a mental breakdown cause Neither the three of them have the courage to step on that building as a patient, again.

They made it to the hospital with Konan on their side mumbling some encouragement for his friend, Blake as they made it exactly on time when they stepped on the building. Once they entered the entrance, the coldness and smell of the hospital covered their shaking body due to their nervousness. When they proceed to go on the counter where the nurse and officials are working, they're were being welcomed by the familiar face on the front.

"Oh well, look who's here!" The tall guy said, welcoming their gazes, "what are you doing here dear Lenan? Long time no see! Oh, look at you! How can you look so cute even when you're glaring at me!" He cheered only to receive a chuckle from the latter.

"Well Kraig, where's your senior? And why are you wearing that suit?" Lenan asked cause he knows that his friend is still a student, "it's been a while since we saw each other and we need to talk to him right now." He said, smiling at him.

"He's at his office and why not? Huh? I just want to help them. And oh! Is that Blake?" He asked when he noticed the familiar boy standing behind his friend, "Oh look at you little guy! You're a grown man now! Don't you remember me!? You always ask me for a lollipop!" He said which he received a nod and smile. Well, you can literally see the pink blush on his face due to the embarrassment which he cuter. They stopped laughing when another tall guy approached them as he cleared his throat.

"Hey, stop that! You're scaring him!... Oh, look at you Blake! You're getting cuter day by day! Come on! Share your skincare!" The said tall man scoffed as he turned glaring at them, "konan, your mother is calling... You need to answer this call!" He said as he hands him the phone.

"Thanks, Ten, what's with you two?" He says chuckling while putting the phone on his ears "Mom?..." Konan speaks.

[ Honey! my son! Are you okay!? They said you guys are in the hospital! What happened? ]

"Mom! Calm down, will you? Do you have a plan on making me deaf too?" He said, chuckling at his mother.

[ Oh Well, honey my beloved son! What are you guys doing there without me!? You said you'll head here first!? ]

"Oh... Right. Don't worry, Mom, we will be there in an hour! We just need to talk to James-Hyung!" He said.

[ Well, head back here when you finished talking with him cause I miss you my sons, and oh! I'll cook your favorite dish, okay!? ]

"Sure, Mom! I'll hang up now cause we really need to hurry! Bye! Love you too! Yes yes, don't worry! Oh gosh, right! Bye Mommy!" He said as presses the screen when his mother bid her I love you's.

"Let's go?..." Lenan said, looking at his brother, "blake, listen... You'll be alright, okay? Just answer his questions and we're good to go." He says as he caressed his brother's cheeks while patting his shoulder.

"Yeah, let's go. My bear will get lonely if we are away for too long!"

"Bear? Where did you get that bear you have there?" Lenan asked.

"Well, one of my secret admirers gave me that one! I think he's just shy but it's okay tho..."

"Ooh, my little brother is really a grown man now. What do you think he looks like? Thick brows? Prominent nose? Sharp jaws? Pale skin--"

"Lele! Stop that! I don't want to know, okay? Chris won't let me..." Blake says while puffing his cheeks.

"Chris? Why do you think he won't let you, huh?"

"He wants me to study, first. He said he will never talk to me if I did and I won't let that happen..."

"Well, that's great... He's right. You need to study hard so you will not be asking me about those tasks!..." Lenan said, earning a glare from his brother.

"Go to his office now, he's waiting for you guys!" Ten said, "hey blake! Be strong, okay!? If you need anything, just tell me..." He said only to receive a nod with a timid smile on the latter's face.

"You guys already know where his office right?" Kraig asked, "do you perhaps want me to accompany--"

"It's okay, we'll go ahead now." Konan said, cutting his sentences, "good day!.." he said, waving his hands...

Every single step and every single breath they take is enough to make their chest pants so hard. Decided to hop on the elevator, Lenan pressed the button of the consecutive floor where their senior, James's office are running. With the sound of beeping, the elevator opens, meaning they already reached the said floor that made his brother nervous even more.

Stepping out of the cage, they proceed to walk on the hallway as the sound of cries and curses coming from the strangers welcomed their faces. The images crimson bloods and the praying kids of the past came back at their minds as Lenan spotted the said office, heaving a deep sigh, he pulled his brother closer, same goes for konan they shared a group hug while mumbling some encouragement and comforting words.

"You can do this blake!" Konan cheered, smiling at his friends, even though he can't see them, he's beyond thankful that his best friends chose to stay with him.

"Hey Blake, don't worry okay?" Lenan hushes him, "we'll be here for you no matter what!" He exclaimed, showing his fist, stands for encouragement.

"Jeez, calm your heads! It's just a check-up!" Blake stated even though he already knows that he's going back at the hospital bed, wearing the hospital gowns, laying his back beside the monitors, "I... I can d-do this!... I guess..." He said, smiling at his brother while rubbing Konan's back.

"Let's get over with this because I want to see Mama soo!"

"So do I. My Mom will probably crush us with her hugs. I know you know her..."

"Me too! I miss her dishes and fruits!"


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