"Honey... Why did you punch your classmate?" Yeri asks while caressing her son's soft cheeks with dried tears due to the heavy cry he got, "You know that's bad, right? Come on, I won't be mad... please tell Mama what happened. Blake, honey... Why, huh?..." She says calmly, sitting down in front of her son who's still sobbing.

"But... But he.. H-He said t-that y-you're just an m-maid..." Blake stuttered by, still sobbing, "And h-he said h-he... He said I'm s-stupid...And h-he t-took my l-lollipop...He s-stole it... You s-said that s-stealing is b-bad... S-So I p-punched him..." He said, lowering his face due to the embarrassment.

Yeri just gives him a smile as she wiped the flowing tears coming from her son's eyes away. She's not surprised tho. She knows that her son is pretty strong, especially when it comes to his lollipop and his friends, Same goes for his family. She's beyond proud of her son but she has no tolerance when it comes to hurting physically.

"Honey... listen to Mama, okay?" She says calmly which she receives a nod from her son, "You know that hitting someone is bad, right? Even though he's insulting me, you shouldn't punch him." She said, watching as she chuckled when he saw her son's confused reaction.

"How about this... When he does that again, tell me or your teacher so she will scold him, okay? Is that okay with you?" She says smiling. She beamed a proud smile when she saw him smiling and nodding.

"Sorry, Mama... I promised not to hit someone, again!" Blake said, showing his pinky finger to his mother which she gladly takes, "Pinky promise!... But... But what if he steals my lollipop again!?" He asked, furrowing his eyebrows at the sudden confusion as he sniffed by his now reddened nose.

"Oh bless this kid!..." She burst out laughing at her son's cuteness, "Just ask big brother, Kraig for another package of that lollipop. I'm sure he'll give you a lot! Cause my son is too cute to resist, right?" She said, rocking their bodies side to side as they shared each other a hug. She smiled even more when she heard a chuckle coming from her side as she's now being hugged by her first son, luhan.

"Mama, can we play now?" There's Lenan asked, still hugging his mother with his brother, " Konan is waiting for us. He said he'll give us a lot of chocolates!" He exclaimed cheerfully.

"Chocolate!? Really!?" Blake asked, looking at his brother with awe on his face, only to receive an assuring nod, "Wow! I love chocolates!... Mama, can we go now?" He asked, looking at his mother with a pout.

"Sure, little guy! Remember what I told you, okay?" She says happily as he showers them thousands of kisses, "And don't eat too much, okay? Your teeth will give you aches, You want that?" She says which she receives a smiling nod from his sons, "Okay, you can go now! I'm going to feed our baby Sky now!" She added as she smiled at the scene of her two kids, running upstairs.


"Lenan, are you really fine with this option?..." The man with a black suit and a classic red tie asked, "it can be more dangerous now, or even worse than before..." He said, looking at him with an undeniable concerned look.

"I don't know... I... I actually don't care anymore... All I want is justice..." Lenan shakily said as his knuckles turned white due to his hard gripping on it, "He should be suffering right now... My mother was murdered by that bastard... I... I c-can't just sit here and do nothing... Please, just let me.."

"But, Lenan... When will you tell this to your brother?" The man asked, "It's been ten years now... He has a right to know that incident. You can't just hide him this forever.." He said, looking straight at him.

"I won't tell him... Not this time... He's still on his therapy. He still needs to stay away with this kind of thing" Lenan said, "And you won't tell him about this, Mino... You need to help me with this, please..." He begged which he received a sigh and a nod to his friend.

"Okay... Let's meet at the cafe tomorrow..." Mino says calmly as they stand up, "Be there at ten sharp. And oh, Tell Blake and Konan that I'll visit them... I'll go ahead now..." He said, patting Lenan's shoulder as he gives him a smile then proceeded to walk in his car...


After they leave the mansion with a bunch of fruits and snacks from Konan's mother, they found their way on the parked van... As for Blake, he's being watched by his private therapist, James, who's also their close friend.

They immediately thank the heavens for Konan's mother who managed to pay for the hospital bills. At first, they argued to accept the offer but they lose it when they were being forced with a dramatic "If you won't accept this then it means you guys don't love me anymore!" By Konan's angelic mother.

Lenan is more than thankful for their friend, James who gladly accepted and agreed to go with them for free, yes for free at their apartment for him to be able to meet a friend...

Inside the black adventure van, They enjoyed each other's company as they filled the said van of their laughter when they started cracking random jokes. Jamming at the random songs as they were ravishing the snacks but as for Blake who strictly prescribed by his therapist to only eat the fruits, goodbye snacks.

Then suddenly, Lenan couldn't hold his laughter back that he even burst into tears when James told them an embarrassing past of his highschool life but, They immediately stopped laughing when they heard a phone ringing in calls.

"Hello, Big brother, Mino!... Really!? Oh god... Yes yes!... Oh okay, I'll turn it on..." Blake aggressively speaks, motioning his hands for them to shut up, "There you are Big brother!" He cheered happily when he saw him on the phone.

[ Hello, Blake! I'll visit you guys soon, okay!?... Where's Konan, huh? ]

"He's with us! Yes, here! Okay, you can speak now, he can hear you, Big brother!" Blake said. There's something on his voice that screams happiness.

[ Konaaan! Can you cook for me? Oh yes yes... Prawns, please? I'll buy you four tubs of ice creams! ]

"Oh, sure! I got you, Mino! Please hurry cause we miss you already!" Konan speaks. And there, he's smiling, again.

[ Really? Oh, thank god cause I really miss your dishes! Oh my God! I can't wait!.. ]

"Hey, Mino! It's Lenan! Where's Josh?" Lenan asks through the phone?

[ Oh, right! I'm on my way to his cafe! Don't worry, he's going with me. And oh! Is it true that James is coming with you guys? How's he? Can you tell him that I said hello! And te-- ]

"Oh god, calm down, will you!? Yes, cause he said to calm your ass down!? Geez, yes he's with us! Yes yes, he can hear your tantrums from there!" Lenan said, chuckling at his friends.

[ Okay! I'll see you guys later! Drive safely! Bye! ]

Time flies in just a swift as they're now sleeping on the van with James, still on his senses, having the guts to drive the sleeping logs on his expensive van...

After a good thirty minutes of driving, they finally arrived at their destination which is their shared apartment.

Decided to wake them up, James shakes them harshly to wake the hell out of them. Waking up from their deep slumber, Groaning and yawning at the frustration, the proceeds to carry their bags as they stepped out of the van with the fresh welcome their gazes.

What a long drive for their friend!

"Blake, let me carry those for you..." James said, reaching out his hands for Blake, earning thanks from the latter.

"James-Hyung, what do you want to eat for lunch?" There are lenan asked. He's on the verge of stretching his neck, causing a crack sounds.

"I'll cook. Come on, let's get you there. It's so sunny here..."

"Oh, come on, Hyung! You drove us here. You must be exhausted now. Let me cook for you..." Konan protests. There's no way in hell he will let him cook when he's tired.

"Okay, thanks... Blake, go with Konan, first... Len, can you go with me? I need to park this Van..."

"Sure thing, Hyung! Be careful... Let's go, Koniee! I miss bear so bad!..."

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