"Our fault too."

"And they live happily ever after! How's that story, huh? Did you like rats or the humans?" Yeri said as she nuzzles between her two little boys who's giggly laying peacefully on their bed.

It was a quiet yet breezy night when her two sons asked her to read them a bedtime story like what she always does before they sleep. And there she is now, being nuzzled by her two little boys under their night ceiling.

"I love mice, Mama! They're so cute and fluffy! They can cook too! Can i have a pet like them?" There's little Blake said. He was just a cute seven year old that time. He was left in awe when he heard that mice can cook like how the book described them.

"Hmm, let me think about that. Hmmn, maybe?" Yeri said, playfully raised her brows only to be hug by her ever so sweet Blake, which she gladly takes.

"It was just a fantasy, Blake! Rats are dangerous! My classmates told me that his mouse pet bit his fingers! And, eww they stink so bad!" Lenan protests while making a fumed face.

It's true. His classmates told him not to befriend with rats. Rats are indeed can be dangerous.

"Aww! Mama! I thought they can cook too? But! Aish!" Blake fumes. His idea of having a mouse pet is already crushed. He just want to have a pet, like others.

"Oh, my boy! Don't worry! You can have a puppy instead! I have a good friend there and she said she would love to give me a puppy! Is that okay with you?" Yeri exclaimed and beamed an eyes smile when she saw her little Blakes's expression that screams excitement and joy.

"Just sleep for now! I need to make a bottle of milk for our baby Sky! Don't you hear that? He's crying again!" She said and chuckled when she receives a shower of kisses from her two sleepy boys.

"Love you, Mama! Goodnight!" The two kids said in unison as they nuzzles to each other, trying to find their heat.

"Love you too, my big boys! Goodnight! Sleep now!" She said as she took a glance at her kids. There's always an ocean of love flowing on her eyes.

She made her way to her crying son, more like a hungry one. Well, she can tell that cause he's crying like a beast waiting for his milk to come.

Decided to make him a bottle of milk, he immediately gave it to the crying baby who's laying on his crib. She started to sing him lulluby which is her favorite song.

šŸŽ¶"Just close your eyes. The sun is going down. You'll be alright,No one can hurt you now. Come morning light. You and I'll be safe and sound."

"I remember tears streaming down to your face when i said I'll never let you go. When all those shadows almost killed your life."šŸŽ¶

She then stopped singing and turns to hum as she stared at her son's face.

Giving him a kiss on his forehead, she tucked him on his soft mini blanket. She's busy humming a song, savoring the innocence of her little angel as the night breezes blows its way on their opened window. her body suddenly startled when a sound of a ringing phone, more like a call rings its life beside the wall clock.

Her body tensed knowing that no one would ring her for a call except to her bastard boss. Trying to compose her hitching voice, she picked up the ringing telephone.

soon as she leaned the telephone on her ear,a familiar deep voice welcomed her that enough to give her shivers ramming from her ears down to her spine.

[ Glad you finally picked up...I already called you for how many times... Don't test my patience, Yeri... ]

"What do you want?..." She simply asked, forgetting that she was talking to her boss. or that's what she thinks. Only received a bitter chuckle from the other line.

[ I'm pretty sure, you already know, my dear yeri... I just want you all fours, tonight... You, screaming my name. You, begging for more...]

Hearing those words were far enough to make her breathing turned hitched as the evidence of bruises and scar bites burns on her skin. After all the bitter times she suffered, spending the smiles that covering her disgusted body.

Far from her bruised soul.

She wishes she could cover the bruises and terrible scars but, she couldn't.

She can't help but just let out whimper as her knees getting jelly that she even gripped on her clothes as her life depended on it. And yet, another chuckle was heard from the other line.

[I'm sure, you don't want your son-- oh wait... Our son... I'm pretty sure you don't want OUR son to suffer, right?]

"Don't you dare! Please... Daniel, please... Don't do this... Please, n-not my son..." Every words she spit was nothing worth because at the end of the day, she'll still obey for the sake of her children.

[ Come to my office then. Don't worry, I won't go rough with you, tonight... But if you want... Who am i to disobey. Come here, Yeri... Time is ticking... ]

"Stick with your words, Daniel! I will never forgive you if dare to hurt or even lay your filthy hands on my son!..."


Third person's POV:


"Hey, Chris... Where are we heading to?" There's a confused Ken asks while tugging his brown tee under his black jeans with Chris on his side, wearing a black oversized tee, paired with black jeans.

It was ten in the morning when chanyeol decided to pay a visit to their friend's unit and there they are. Walking around on the abandoned playground.

It was a quiet yet breezy morning that made the sceneries looked untouched. The clouds are evenly scattered upon the bright blue sky. The humming birds are busy chirping on their nests. And the bunnies are busy jumping beneath the light green grass.

Their plan was to visit their best friends but they ended up sitting on the bench with no one dares to break the silence up.

The brick grounded floor is almost filled with the orangey brown fallen leaves with the kiddie slides and monkey bars. There's also a sand pond beside the mini bridge where the mini fish pond are located under.

"Let's just sit here for a while..." Chris said, almost incoherent due to his quite deep voice. And finally, there is someone broke the deafening silence. He doesn't know why or what but there's something in the abandoned playground that made him stop walking. The fainted giggles and laughter of the past children are bugging on his head. He wants to smile but there's something that pulling him behind.

"Ken?..." He calmly asked. Something surely is bothering him and he wants to let it out.

"Hmm? What?" The latter just furrowed his brows, foreign with his best friend's sudden calmed voice. He's used to his friend's aggressive side so he was shocked that he addressed him as Ken and not; annoying, prickhead, idiot and other names.

"What do think if we didn't tear apart from them?" Chris asked. Looking nowhere, he's currently pacing out. His mind a quite gloomy with the hint of regretion.

"Uhmm... I actually don't have an idea, with that..." Ken said, shrugging his shoulders with his feet swaying back and forth. He looked at the uncomfortable latter beside him, only to freeze by the time he heard the following phrases.

"I think it's our fault too..." Chris said, stammering as his eyes started to betray his composed gaze. Winds are torridly touching their warm skins.

And there's Ken, who suddenly taken aback by the unexpected words that were cited by his best friend. What do you mean. He thinks. He badly wants to speak but the giant lump, formed on his throat is making it hard.

"We should've been more careful around him... I think... If we did hide him on James hyung's house, he can still see us..." his eyes are not leaving the playground that seemed like a haunted now. His lips are starting to quiver as his palms are cold sweating.

"Chris... W-Why do you ask so sudden..." That's all he can ask as the smile undeniably vanished from his face and disturbingly replaced by a shocked one.

"Nothing... Let's just go. I want to visit them..." Chris says while forcing a smile for assurance. He noticed that he's making him feel haunted, again so he immediately stands as he fixes his composure and tried to lift up the gloomy mood circling on his mind.


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