Konan's POV:

I'm walking with Blake as my guide outside of our unit. He said he needs to talk to James-Hyung and he asked me if I want to come. Of course, I said yes. He's scared of walking alone, I swear. I know him like the back of my hands, he's a scared kid. I can feel the cold air touching my neck as shivers crept on my spine. Feeling his hand gripping on mine made me stop from walking. Then, I heard him greet professor Zhang a good evening-- Wait, what? Professor Zhang is here? What is he doing here? Did we miss his class? I hate this feeling. Did we just got expelled? Oh god, tell me this is not happe--

"Konie! Greet him!..."

that soft whispered of my friend caught me off guard, snapping out from the thoughts that are flowing through my mind with a hard grip on my hand so I just greeted him. "Good evening Professor Zhang. Nice to meet you." I never knew this would happen here... No, I'm not going to fail, not again.

"Konie! Hey!..." That snapped the hell out of my head as I hear
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