Blake's POV:

I roll my body to the left side of the bed and I heaved a sigh before sitting up. With my eyes lax open, I let it wander the luxurious but comfy room as I waggle my feet on the edge. I looked at his alarm clock to see it's 2:30 AM, yes, it is. I can't sleep, my mind is in chaos, and even if I force myself, it won't let me sleep. I know this is too much, but I think I just need some milk, warm milk to help me get my sleep cause I just said I can't sleep alone. Decided to go look for it, I quietly opened the door before rushing downstairs as I make my way to the kitchen. Opening the fridge, I smiled and mentally clapped when I saw cartons of milk, great. 

After I chose the right one, I microwave it immediately before I get a glass as my mind starts to wander again. I wonder if Koniee has his warm milk, I miss him. I hope Lele's with him, he needs someone to guide him. I immed

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