Blake's POV:

Why do I feel like something weird is really up? And if something weird is really up, this is stupid. Feeling my head, as I try to open my eyes, I hiss at the pain surrounding my head. I try to sit up on this ground, I wasn't lying on a bed, it's not a bed. As I try to sit up, I struggle with my back. When I got the strength to open my eyes, nothing welcomed my sight. I gasp when I don't seem to see anything, but black.

I tried to look for a light, and saw a hole from the ceiling. Where am I… Why is it so familiar? 


"Oh, sei sveglio, ragazzo. How's your head?" his deep voice that screams roughness suddenly rings, making me let out a squeal in surprise, but I don't look at his face. Not knowing that I'm burying my face onto his hard chest.

"Let me see your face, baby." He said groggily, he really just woke

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